Forgotten Wallflower

Yessy Niarty
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dipublikasikan 06 Oktober 2016
La Casa Sulla Luna (The house on the moon)

La Casa Sulla Luna (The house on the moon)

A collection of poetry and tiny illustrations about love, life, imagination, and coffee.

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Forgotten Wallflower

I’ve never been a pretty rose.
I’ve never been a smart daisy.
I’ve never been a bright sunflower.
Or the sweet jasmine…

I was always just a wallflower.
always hiding from the sunlight,
with a sad smile,
bleed like scarlet.

I used to be like everyone else.
Bloom into beauty.
With pretty petals.
But, I have too much pride in my loneliness.
I’d rather be a forgotten wallflower,
stuck in a grey and safe place.


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