Kades Yudha. Episode 12 : Broken Ribs Desire.

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Kades Yudha

Kades Yudha

Become the Kades of Lembur Ciheras, not just Yudha Mahardhika's last resort to fix his awful last term academic grade points in Karyawijaya University.

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Kades Yudha. Episode 12 : Broken Ribs Desire.

Yudha sat on his sickbed carefully, trying his first time to change his own azure blue in-patient clothes, after the orthopedist who took care of his accident’s injuries allowed him trying some light activities—such as changing his own clothes, with supervision.

“Careful! Don’t too pushy!” reminded Tante Heri—Aryo’s mom.

He was trying to control the pains with hissing when the injuries was twitchy while he was trying to move the splinted left arm to take off his upper garments. Tante Heri’s motherly instinct came out when she spontaneously tried to hold his body when Yudha yelped, but he made —I’m okay, it’s alright!—gesture to her.

Alright, the first try is a success!—He got more confidence when he made his upper body topless, and now it’s his first attempt to strip his own trousers. But those things were unexpecting troublesome, the gypsum splinted leg was heavy for a not yet recovered like him.

But, Yudha tried to push himself sagging his pants with all of his might, but he didin’t realize that he tried to lift his wrapped leg and hit the bed when he lose his power.

“YEOWWW!!!—MY LEGS!!” he screamed and cried.

“SEE?! JUST LIKE I SAID!!” scolded Tante Heri while trying to hold Yudha’s pain, “And now let me take off your underpants! After that I’ll call the susters to check your injuries!”

Yudha gave up, he let Aryo’s mom take off his underpants while he tried to hold the pains. But they didn’t expect Aryo would bring three of their classmates to visit Yudha, entering the room while he was whining, “Please, do it slowly!..” to Tante Heri who was sagging his underpants at his knees.

Both saw each-other with awkward expressions.


“W-Welcome, guys!” Tante Heri greeted them with awkward giggles, “Yud, Aryo is already here. So my duty here is done. See you tomorrow, then!”

“B-But, Tante! You have not completed what you do!..“  Yudha was panicked when Aryo’s mom let his groin free to be displayed.

But her answer was disappointing, “Aryo! Please help Yudha change his trousers, yes?!” and she even packed up for going home, delegating her undone works to her older son.

“Hey! It’s your duty—why me??”

Tante Heri suddenly whacked her son’s head with her travelling purse and goggled out her eyes, “YEEESS?!”

Aryo decided not to shame themself with unnecessary family fight in front of his classmates, “Allright. Take care, Ma.” He answered with unwilling feeling.

Yudha’s female classmate just peeped at the undies, blushed and held their giggles.


“Wow! That’s cool, man! Aryo’s parents taking care of you!” praised one of the classmates, while he was writing GWS and signatures at Yudha’s wrapped arm and leg.

“Hell yeah!—I’m totally in big debt with them!..” answered Yudha.

“Which hospital your mom is being taken care in Singapore??..”

Yudha gulped when he heard his classmates’ question, “I-I don’t know, Aryo knew it. He’s my messenger while in here..”

“I forget what its name.” Aryo answered it simply.

“So lucky you are hospitalized at the last terms of our college. Taking a month off will be troublesome if we still have lecturing attendance schedules!” on of their classmates changing topics.

“HMMM!!” all of his classmates nodded.

“We are worried you so much when we heard your mom have a serious ill and then you have accident while on the way home, Yud!”

Yudha smiled to them, “Thank you, guys!”

But inside of his mind, he specially thanked to Tante Heri and Oom Budi—Aryo, and his only little brother, Senno parents—they’re volunteering to take care of Yudha while in the hospital when they heard the news from their older son.

They maybe unorthodox parents—treats their sons like a seniors, love to bullying their juniors, but behind their extraordinary behaviour, they same like another many parents, caring their children so much.

Deep inside of Yudha’s heart, he really envied with Aryo’s family.


After chatting, making jokes  and loud laughters—making the on-duty head nurse come and warn them to not making loud noises—together along the visiting time, their classmates left the hospital, the sickroom came back to quite and peaceful atmosphere—the thing that Yudha loved it so much.

“Hows the campus?..” asked Yudha while he laid back at his sickbed and gazed outside the window.

“Nah! Nothing special!—Mostly it’s boring, especially when there’s nothing to do now in last terms!” Answered Aryo when he handed off the papers to Yudha.

“Huh? What’s this?..” Yudha took the papers with his right hand.

“It’s last assignment application papers, it’s for you. Pak Mathias said—maybe thinking last assignment, Yudha will forget his injuries!

“Bah, bullshit!—” Yudha was looking the application papers one by one, and one of them interest him. The requirements columns to get an advisor lecturer for his final essays.

“How about yours, Yo? You get your advisors??..” asked Yudha.

“Not yet!” he threw his body to the comfortable VIP class’ multipurpose sofa, “Maybe after I have done, I will help my Dad’s shops’ accountancies!”

“Oh! Hows the material stores now? It has been a while not visiting the store.”

“Getting better! Our stores chose to become one of the building materials vendors of a condominium project’s at Sarijadi.”

Yudha amazed when he heard that, “Whoaaa!—Good to hear that!!”

“Oh! I forget something!” Aryo also remembered something. Something which he wanted to give to Yudha.  He searched that thing inside his college bag, “Here—catch!!” suddenly Aryo threw something to Yudha.

Yudha reflectly caught the thing thrown by Aryo, “Ouch!—CAN YOU JUST GIVE IT TO ME NORMALY??” he spatted with bit pain cause moving his wrapped arm suddenly.

“Sorry.” He grinned in guilts.

When Yudha looked at the thing, he was happy—it’s two plastic pouch of the famous Karyawijaya University cafeteria sandwiches, and the presents was four portions of smoked beef sandwiches.

“HELL YEAH!—Thank you very much, Aryo!..” said Yudha while he struggled to tear up the first sandwich pouches, “Even this VIP health service—their menus can’t matchs this things’ taste!” and he chomped his sandwich like a hungry vulture.

And later, Yudha left one sandwich and offered it to Aryo.

Aryo smiled and shook his head, “Nah!—I’ve already ate it at the campus!” refused him.

“Oh, okay then!..” and he put the leftovers at the cupboard near his bed, “If you want it—just take it!” said Yudha.

“By the way..” Yudha fforgot something, “Any news about Siska?..”

“Nope!..” answered him while playing his PC tablet at the sofa.

And Yudha looked down when he heard it, “I see..”

“I don’t know is it a good news or bad news!—All the campus’ people social medias timeline are filled with your accident news—and the news of bereaved Kang Didit. I hope your mom has no social media account for stalking!”

“Nope! My mom is not a gadget geek. Phew!” Answered Yudha, “By the way—“


“How about your parents? Surely you explained everything about me, right?..” asked Yudha while looking around the room, sickbed, and IV tube.

“Why don’t  you  ask them by yourself?” Aryo looked at Yudha with sharpen eyes.

“I don’t have any guts to ask it..”

Aryo sighed for a long seconds and dropped his body to the sofa, “First opinion, they said you’re nuts—made such super stupid decision like that. But, miraculously, they decided to volunteer themselves taking care of you. Just considered it as our duty to pay our debt to Yudha—said my Dad.”

Just considered it as our duty to pay our debt to Yudha—Yudha bitterly laughed when he heard it, “Ah, yes! That time, huh?..”

“This day. It’s two years ago, when it’s happened!”

“Whoa! Is it???..”

Aryo checked his watches, “It’s evening beverage time!—What do you want?” offered Aryo. As usual, when he visited Yudha, he would leave to cafeteria to buy that hot beverages for accompanying them in the rest of the night.

“As usual!—Milk tea!..” aswered Yudha while he grabbed the remote control to turn on the flat television in front of his bed.

“Okay, then!—“ and Aryo left his room.


When he was on the walk to the cafeteria, someone called Aryo’s name between the trafficking Central Province Hospital inhabitants.

“Aryoo!!—Aryoo!!—Wait!!” called a young woman.

He halted his walks—Whose call my name??—and was searching the woman who called, “Ah, it’s Siska!—What are you doing here?? Aren’t you hospitalized for dengue fever?”

Siska smiled and shook her head, “I’ve come back home a week ago. I want to visit Yudha!—The class B guys told you’re who babysitting him right?”

“Good to hear that. Ah, yeah!—His building right behind me, just follow this alley to the dead end and take the elevator to fourth floor, his room is number 407!..” showed Aryo.

“And where are you going, Yo?” asked Siska.

“Going to cafeteria first, looking for hot drinks for our spoiled prince!—“ answered Aryo, “Oh! Do you want the drinks too??” offered him.

“No, thanks!—Okay, then! I am going to visit Yudha first!”

“Yeah! I’ll catch you later!”

From a far, Aryo stared at Siska in amaze and envy—Make sense why Yudha took those stupid risky things.


“Meh!—Another lousy never ending political shits!..” whined Yudha when watching the news channel, and he decided to turned the TV off.

Suddenly his smart phone rang social media’s notification tones. He grabbed and looked at it—his visiting classmate at the afternoon uploaded their wefies and posting GWS Yudha status in their own social media accounts.

He thought something—Does Lia have social media account like me?



Yudha canceled his plan to stalk Lia when he heard someone knocked on his room doors, “Come in, Sus!..” answered Yudha while he was looking at the clock—it’s 8 PM, but they always bring my medicines at 9 PM, so unusual, visiting so early.

And when that visitor opened the door, Yudha was shocked. The guest who popped out her head wasn’t the nurse bringing the before-rest medicines.

“S—Siska???..” Yudha amazed.

Siska didn’t reply Yudha’s excited calling. She just stayed behind the door staring him. Showing her emitting beautiful smiles to her boyfriend.

“How are you doing?..” greeted Siska while she was approaching Yudha.

“Going better!..” answered Yudha excitedly showing his splinted arm—and Siska held Yudha’s broken arm with her both tender hands.

Siska spotted the classmates written wishes, drawings, and signatures, “Looks like I’m not the first who visited you.”

 “Ah, yes! My classmates visited me in the afternoon.” And he looked at her radiant white face, “They said you’ve got dengue fever.”

“Ah, yes! But I’ve already fully recovered a week ago!—Sorry I didn’t visit you.  My parents did not allow me to go anywhere since  I left the hospital!”

“Naah! It’s okay, it’s okay.” And he stared at his splinted arm she still held it, and he closed his eyes and widely smiled.

“Eh?—What’s wrong?” Siska looked clueless.

“I feel that the healing power is increasing when you hold my hand!..” hummed Yudha.

“GOMBAL!!” yelled Siska blushed, “Hey! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you when I was hospitalized!—My mom took my smart phone and not allow me using it! Did you received it?”

Yudha smiled gently, he shook his head, “Yeah!—It’s okay!..”

“How about your mom’s condition?..”

Siska looked at Yudha. He looked a bit nervous. Stiffen face and he gulped very hard when she asked about his mom.

“O-Oh!—Aryo said. She’s getting better now!..” answered Yudha.

“What illnes does she have?..”

“Somekind of typhus as I remember.”

“Should I visit her??..”

Yudha was shocked when he heard it, “N-No! No need, it!—She’s hospitalized overseas!”

Siska widened her eyes, “Where?..”

“Singapore!..” Yudha was getting more nervous. He was worried making lies to his beloved girl.

“Ah! It’s not so far! I can go to pay visit to her—which hospital??..”

Yudha suddenly grabbed her hand, “ENOUGH! DON’T BOTHER YOURSELF!!”

Siska was shocked when Yudha yelled and grabbed her violently, and Yudha was getting awry with what he did to her, but he must hide the truths as much as he could manage!

“I-I’m sorry, I yelled at you!—“ said Yudha, “I just worry. You have just got well from the dengue fever, and I don’t want you to fall sick again because of doing too many activities!..”

And Siska’s fears become calmed. She felt relaxed and happy when she understood his explanation—she laid her body to Yudha’s shoulder, and Yudha laid down his head to her head.

“I’ve missed you, so bad!..” whispered Yudha.

“I’ve missed you, too!..” answered Siska.

She kissed Yudha’s left cheek, three times and was still kissing his cheek—Yudha was getting pushed by his youngster’s desires that coming out when his girlfriend barraged him with kisses, he offered his still swollen lips to Siska—and Siska didn’t hesitate to give her kisses to Yudha’s lips.


Their desires were getting bit far.  Those burned up college couple are not enough to prove their pain of missing each other with french kisses.  They started to touch and kiss each other’s sensitive areas—Yudha didn’t hesitate to fondle Siska’s cleavages.

“Uhhh!~... Yudd!~...” the aroused Siska moaned quietly, her hands also hugged Yudha’s head, for making sure that her sweetheart didn’t let her breast.

“Siska..” Yudha also getting aroused, he embraced Siska’s hip softly when he was greatly excited to kiss her cleavage. 

Drunken by desires, Yudha pushed her bottoms spontaneously. And Siska answered that signal with hopped to Yudha’s stomach suddenly—and her maneuver ruined their romantic make out.


“AHHHH!!!..” Yudha screamed when Siska’s body hopped at his not full recovered ribs.

Siska shocked when she looked at his pain, “Oh my God!—I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” screamed panicked Siska while she tried quickly to turn down from the failed girl on top manuever.

“It’s okay!—It’s okay!” hissed Yudha while he grinned enjoying the pains.

“AAA—HEEMMM!!..” yelled Aryo who in silence caught their naughty things.

Both Yudha and Siska were shocked when they realized for being spotted by Aryo.  They both just could bow their head and blushed in awkwardness—but with happiness.

“Hey! Try to knock the door first, will ya?!!” scolded Yudha blushed.

Aryo did his evil chuckle. He’s meant to seize both of them from the beginning, “The visiting time has ended!..” announced Aryo while he was pointing at the wall clock.

“Aahh!—The time has passed so fast.” sulked Siska.

 “You can go with Yudha to do his walking therapy tomorrow morning at 10 AM if you wish.” Told him.

Siska looked jubilant when she heard Aryo’s offers, “Wah! Really??—So I’ll attend it!” she captured the offers.

Aryo nodded and smiled to Siska.

“But how about you, Yo??..” asked Yudha.

“Honestly, I wish you took the offer. If you don’t have any important things tomorrow! Healing process becomes more faster when being accompanied by the person you love!” explained Aryo, “Ah, yes! And don’t forget to try to cover up your chest!..”

Siska looked clueless.

“Those hickeys..” said Aryo pointing at reddish upper breast of Siska.

Siska was shocked when caught at her chest.  She covered her chest that full of bright red kiss marks with her cotton sweater jacket, “Ah!—Thank you for reminding me, Aryo!..” said Siska blushed.

In a while, Yudha caught his girlfriend looked pretty down; like the expression of someone who hide something they worried about.

“Is there something wrong?..” asked Yudha.

Siska got back to her spacing out, “O-OH! Nothing!..” she tried to avoid him, “Okay, then! I’ll come early!” she grabbed her small bag, preparing to leave the room.

“See you tomorrow, then!” said Yudha with his quiet smile.

“Come here just in time!” reminded Aryo.

Siska replied his smiles and nodded.


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