Kades Yudha. Episode 10 : Dining Table Politics.

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Kades Yudha

Kades Yudha

Become the Kades of Lembur Ciheras, not just Yudha Mahardhika's last resort to fix his awful last term academic grade points in Karyawijaya University.

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Kades Yudha. Episode 10 : Dining Table Politics.

"Become—Kades?.." Kang Didit try to confirm it.

The villagers nod firmly, assign that's a correct confirmation.

But Kang Didit still unsure, "Is there any competence villager that more worth to joined the election?.." he asking again.

The villagers shook their heads together, and he falls into silence when knew their request is serious matter!


"My God!—They asked him to joined the Kades election!.." She spontaneously closed her mouth with both hands.

Yudha smiled—At last Kang Didit chosen by the villagers, just like he want before!

He delays his dreams to become Kades to rebuild his beloved village because no villager asked him to joined the election, and now there’s no excuse for him avoiding the election!


"No, Kang!.. In this village that has good competence and knowledge is only you!.." answered the elder.

“You’re the smartest villager we have! You also succeed making this place that was dead land until become fertile and tidy like now!—Even many smart peoples from many places and countries visiting you!”

But no sudden answer coming out from Kang Didit's mouth, he still feels uneasy with the offers.

"Kang Didit! We believe in you, Lembur Ciheras can be rebuild again into a better village!.." a villager try pushing Kang Didit.

“Please, Kang Didit! Don’t let us fall to another regrets again!”

And at last, Kang Didit speak up, answering the elders and villagers offers.

"Bapak-bapak! I'm very honored, being trusted by you to become the new Kades!—But, I'm sorry, I can't give the answer now! I must discussed it with my family first!.."

The guests look shocked when know Kang Didit's answer, Kang Didit see and heard their murmurs how disappointed they are, An elder tried to soothe the silence unrest, he smiled softly "I see!.. Even just become a Kades, it's still needs deep serious consideration and approves from your family!.." said the elder.

"Ah!—Thank you for your understanding!.." said Kang Didit to the elder.

"So, when we will get the reply??.." a villager still can't control his excitement.

He thinking for a while, "I hope I'll give the serious confirmation the day after tomorrow! I'll tell you as soon as possible!" answer Kang Didit.

The guest nods each other after heard the answers of Kang Didit, agreed to wait for day after tomorrow, the meeting ended, the persons that attended in this occasion get up from sitting on the gazebo floor and making light chit-chats again.

When Kang Didit go with the guests going out from his house, he caught Yudha and Lia hiding behind the wall.

"Oh!—Looks you both have same hobby, eh??.." said Kang Didit.

Both of them fall in clueless silent for a while, but when they looking at each other—how close they hid side by side, even Lia realized she's holds to Yudha's back so intimate!—they apart in blush and awkward feelings.

"Y-You taking advantage from me right???.." scold Lia.

"No!—It's you that took from me!!.." Yudha counter-scold her.

Kang Didit smiled, "Lia, please call your sister and Ditsy!.."

Lia gets up from her hiding, "Okay, then!.."

"And.. Yudha, do you mind to join this family meeting??.."

I smell danger here, "Huh?—But I'm not the part of the family."

"We considered you as the part of the family!—" answer Kang Didit, "But if you still don't interested, don't bother yourself!.."

Yudha looks confused with the dilemmas—between he don’t want involved with Lembur Ciheras’ troubles and feel bad Kang Didit and his family already give him so many supports.

I can’t, my purpose in this village is just to do my obligatory field practice!

“I’m sorry! But if you need something, I’m at my room!” and Yudha refused.

Kang Didit looks very disappointed when heard Yudha’s replies, but he tries to control it, “Okay, then! Sorry if I’m too pushy!”

And when Yudha walks to his room, he caught Lia looked at him with disappointed face—but her disappointed expression more dominated to sadness than fury like she always do.

She eavesdrops us—Yudha said nothing, he try to pass her.

But suddenly, she grabbed his lower shirts very tight.

“Why you deny it??..” ask Lia.

“Deny what?”

“Don’t lie!” she grabs his shirt more tightly, ”Your concerns about these villages’ condition! How excited you are when discussing with my brother about his dreams! How care about Pak Amin! And—”

And she near teared Yudha’s shirt.

“Ouch!” his shirt strangled his neck.

“Also how care you are with my complaints.” And then she let his shirt.

Yudha fall in silence, “You get it wrong—I want to do my field practice as best as I can.” He answered.

“And how about our close conversations and your compliments yesterday—and when you let me hug you! Is that also part of your FIELD PRACTICE, HUH?!!”

“Lia—“ but he can’t complete his sentences, she suddenly pushed him to enter his room.

“Jerk!—Stupid jerk!..” she left him speechless to call her sister-in-law and only nephew. 


"The guests that visited our home are asked me to joined the new Kades election." Said Kang Didit.

Teh Ningsih looked at Lia with shocked feeling, “Hey! Why you don’t look shocked when heard it?” she clueless ask.

“Because I and Yudha knew it.” Answer Lia simple.

“They’re eavesdropping the meeting.” Kang Didit adds it.

“When it’s held?”

“Next Six months.” Answer Kang Didit.

“Wow! Time have passed so fast. It’s already near Kades election!” said Teh Ningsih.

“In my own opinion, I’ll accept their offers. It’s my momentum to pay my debts to Lembur Ciheras! Because w  have their trusts now!” suddenly, Kang Didit excited expression changed to bit down and doubt, “But—“

 “But what??..” Lia asked curiously.

“There’s something more important than this village—my family.” Answer Kang Didit, “What do you think, guys? Should I accepted their offers?—If you refuse it, I don’t mind to refuse their offer, it’s okay!”

“But, become the Kades to rebuild our village is your longtime dreams since you visited for the first time!” said uneasy Teh Ningsih.

Kang Didit smiled to his beloved wife, “Like I said. My family concern is my priority number one. I won’t blame you if you don’t approve me to joined the election—don’t worry!” he laughs.


“You’re really a damn family man, Kang Didit!..” hiss Yudha while peeping from his small opened room door.

Kang Didit is the one of many peoples who believed—the smooth of rough carrier life is depended by the bless from their most beloved persons, he wont hesitate his long time noble dreams be dumped if his wife, little sister, and son don’t approved it.


“In my opinion—I agree! I approved your plan to joined the Kades election!” Lia decided.

“Are you sure??” Kang Didit asked.

“Don’t you dare questioning my decision, A!” threat Lia.

“O-Okay!” avoiding unnecessary quarrel with Lia, he shifted his stare, “So, what about Mamih and Ditsy.”

“I think Papih should know what Ditsy’s thought.” Answer Teh Ningsih, “Ditsy, what do you think Papih become Kades?”

The fifth grade SD kid looks clueless when he asked for this Kades opinions, “I don’t really know about Kades thing. But, as far as I know, one of the Kades duties is to make sure the villagers have a good livings.”

“Someday, my school friends whose didn’t want to play with me. And I started to encourage myself to asked them—why now you looked at me like a bad person? First try they answered they just hated me. And they also hated other community kids too!”

“But, I feel they don’t just hate me—I tried to asked them again. After I tried to asked them again and again, finally they’re give up and told why they hate me. They said—They’re envy with my life! I have big house, nice and clean uniform, rice fields, and many factories—I said, about rice fields and factories, they are Papih’s, not mine. But they’re don’t care.”

“Some teacher said that, it’s because our Kades made their parents can’t plant rices and catch fishes along the beaches.”

Ditsy paused his talkings for catch a fresh air, and after have enough breath, he continues again.

“If you become the new Kades. Can you make their parents can plant rice fields and catches fishes again, so they have moneys to buy nice house and uniforms like I have?”

Ditsy’s parents startled when heard his opinions, and Teh Ningsih sniffed her nose and rubs her eyes, Kang Didit grab his only son’s shoulders and watch his eyes firmly.

“SURE!—When I become the new Kades, I’ll make sure that their parents can plant and catches fishes again, so they’ll have enough moneys to build nice houses and bought nice uniforms—and they wont envy you and other kids, and become friends again!” answer Kang Didit.

“Promise?” Ditsy show his right pinkie.

And Kang Didit hooked Ditsy’s right pinkie with his right pinkie, “Promise!”

“So, how about you, Mamih?” and now it’s Teh Ningsih’s opinions.

Teh Ningsih just warmly smiled at her husband, “Of course I’ll help Papih to make Ditsy and his friends become friends again!”


“Shit!.. Fuck!.. Why my eyes getting hot???..” Yudha rubs his watery eyes and runny nose.

Kang Didit’s family approved him to joined the Kades election at next six months later, Yudha closed the door and going to the bed—avoiding his heart and mind getting more intoxicated by Kang Didit family and Lembur Ciheras.

I must leave as soon as possible! Every day passed in this place, I getting sucked deeper and deeper with their problems!

He tries to neutralize it with remembering his imagination of the future—become a happy salaryman, having a great and rocketing career, build a happy humble small family with Siska in the apartment at the center of big city—faded, because it’s seems impossible when he looked at actual conditions.

But, when he remembering it, he also remembers how hectic and frustrating living in the big city like Bandung—stacked like a canned sardines every going to work and home, traffic jams, and unhesitate city workers to tackle each-other for chasing better careers and more money—terrified him so much, especially he isn't a bright Karyawijaya University student and made a serious relationship with well known persons' daughter.

When the peaceful rice fields, fresh sea breeze, how hospitable and cooperative the community people and his acquittances who lived around the Kades office, the roomy feelings when gazed at the skies—those offered by this southernmost village in West Java, he feels fully accepted.


 Lia's humble charms and her exotic burnt skins beauty. Her nags, sulks, and protests. How great she keeps the house, how mesmerizing her voice and masterful she plays her accoustic guitar. How cute her quite smiles and giggles.

How soft she hug his body and how peacefully her hums while laid her head at his back when pedaling Kang Didit's expensive bicycle to home.




Maybe I’m a lousy student with too average IPK, but I’m a faithful man! I believe, good things always coming to a good conduct persons!

Try to soothe his worry, Yudha checked his social media account, looking for news about Siska—hoping he got good news, something like she left the hospital.

But—when he checked the timelines, he got more problem than peace.



Yudha shocked when saw Siska's mother account photo tags--she showed a candid photo of Adri kissed Siska while she's at the bedrest, she also types words. 

Aah! Those youngsters love I missed it so much! We hope good future for both of them!



Yudha fall into long silence when he saw the photo, he tried to messages Aryo about this photo, but after waiting for half hour for his best friend reply he didn't, he hid in his blanket, spacing out, enjoying the grumbling heavy rain that didn't subside yet.


Its two AM—but Kang Didit still can't sleep, his mind succumbed by the Kades problems, he hopes when spacing out for a while, he can be fall asleep in peace like his wife do in his right side.

What Ditsy said haunt him down.

"You’re not sleeping yet, A??.." Teh Ningsih asked him.

The uneasy Kang Didit gasped when his wife caught him spacing out, "Y-Yes!—This Kades thing really bothering me!.." answer him.

“The Kades thing still bothering you?.."

Kang Didit sighing, "You know, being a Kades in this condition will need extra cares, right?"


“Extra cares, extra time, and consequences our time with the kids will decreased.”

Teh Ningsih fall into silence, she looks thinking about that deep, “I see..”

“But! We have Lia, right? She can take care Ditsy for us!” said Kang Didit.

“But, sometimes she has short temper problem. And sometimes she must going back to her campus for last assignment reports to the lecturers.” Answer Teh Ningsih.

“I see..” Kang Didit fall into silence again—thinking another solution for their only son.

“Maybe it’s the time for us to teach him how to become a good teenager early.” Said Teh Ningsih.

“Ah, yes!” Kang Didit agree.

They’re remembered about their parenting plan—when Ditsy started his 6th grade, they will teach them how to become a good teenager. Teaching how to turn on the stove and cooking and reheated frozen foods, using rice cooker, locking the door when leaving—and many simple grown up activities that can be learned by new teenager.

“We still have six months to prepare him become a teenager.”

“Damn!—It’s like Ditsy just born yesterday and now he become a teenager.” Kang Didit murmurs and smiled to his wife.

“By the way—It’s still raining, huh?..” Kang Didit listening the voices outside the window.

“Yes. From the late afternoon it’s not stopped yet..”

“I have another alternate solution for Ditsy!”

“Hmm? What alternate solution is it?” Teh Ningsih clueless with her husband saying.

“How about give him—a new sibling, ehh??..” answer him with naughty voice.

Teh Ningsih slapped him, “NAUGHTY!!..” and she giggles.



Yudha come back from his entire night by spacing out, when he got the plan—the plan he believes, he can leave the village early and meet his girlfriend whose seduced by her ex, without worried his college threatened!

After he text Aryo about his plans and beg him not to leak it, he throws his blanket and get up from his hidden slumber!



Uh? Someone knocks our door??—Kang Didit wake up.

"A! Someone knocks our door!!.." Teh Ningsih try to shook Kang Didit's body.

When they dressed with sleeping kimonos, Kang Didit turned on his bedroom lightnings and opened the door, he shocked when look the person knocking hard in this late morning—Yudha with his casual clothing.

"Y-Yudha??.." Kang Didit looks confused.

"What happened in this late morning??.." ask Teh Ningsih behind Kang Didit's back.

Yudha hold his breath for a while, to start his runaway plans.

"I must go home now! My mother fall into a serious ill!.."


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