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Quit Social Media?

It has been 7 years since I keep connected and addicted to social media. My first social media was facebook. It was 2010 when I was in senior high school on the first grade. Facebook was very popular among students back then. Everyone was signed up themselves to facebook in order to get connected with many people around the world. I signed up to facebook because I followed the trend and I thought it was  cool to get update for everything that happen around the world, as well as get to know people I didn’t know before.

Not so long after facebook, I signed up for twitter. I used to like twitter better than facebook because it was quieter. Facebook was getting crowded meanwhile Twitter didn’t get many popularity so that it just felt good to write everything in twitter. I enjoyed my social media activities so much. I spent much time lurking and stalking for many people and information around the world. It used to feel good and useful that time.

The use of smartphone wasn’t very popular back then. We could still online only using an ordinary phone that has browser feature. It was in 2014 when I finally got my own smartphone and signed up for another social media. I had BBM, instagram and Line. I thought it was cool to be available in every social media. It showed our existence. You can imagine how much desire I had to exist and not to miss any information from friends and people around the world. I was online and update!

The year around 2010 to 2014 was a good year for my social media life. It was when people understood and knew how to use social media properly. It was the time when I only sucking for travel picture on instagram, chat with my friends on BBM, Whatsaap and Line, get update to my old friends through facebook and write anything I want on twitter. Good old days. Time flies and now social media are getting crowded, harmful, boring and inconvenience.  

Quitting social media never my 2017 wishlist. But, here I am in the middle of 2017 quitting social media to get back to my own life. I was feeling worst because of people in social media. The contents of social media somehow bring bad effect toward my mental health. I was easily get jealous to someone that I don’t even know, I compared my life to those people based on what they show, I didn’t appreciate my life and what I have. I kept on following the trend and wish to have or even pretend to have life like them. I spent too much time in social media. An hour is not enough to see what’s happening around.

I am feeling overwhelmed due to many things to see on social media. Everyone is trying to tell you that they have a good life, good food, good friends, good lovers, good time and etc. Somehow it just made my life looks pathetic because I don’t have what they have.  I just wondering how their true life looks like, is it the same as what they show on social media. People say why so serious? People just want to have fun. It is not the people who matter here but the content that they try to show to the world. All of the it is toxic that slowly will make you getting worse.  Admit it or not, people tend to keep on living the social media life while ignore their own mental health.

 I care for my mental health and I just realize about this lately. That is why I choose to quit some unbeneficial social media. I keep on using social media that only for conversation purpose. I experienced the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) because I am away from what I used to know.  But it is not a big deal anymore. Since get rid of social media, I feel my life much better and I appreciate it. I know what I supposed to do and to care for. Not what I supposed to know.

I know there are still good contents on social media and we have control over it. However being loyal to social media life will just make us feeling worst since it designed to make us feel addicted and never get enough. This addictiveness is a sign of bad mental health due to the force of comparing and jealously that we give to our mind.  Be aware and be wise to social media before it worsen your mental health.  

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