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Kategori Renungan 15 Juli 2017   11:20 WIB
If we are not meant to be

It almost a year now since we met. I never thought of meeting you in a place I never expected. The first time we notice each other and got the same feeling. I remember the moment we separated and I was breathing so hard because I thought it would be the first and the last time we met. I bet you felt the same too and yes you did. We finally got time to confess our feeling and surprisingly we can be together now through a distance though.

Meeting you was an unexpected thing. I never pray to God for this. But somehow meeting you was like something I was waiting for a long time. Having you around is like feeling the universe rotates around me for every second. It has been a long time since I am fall in love again with someone. It never that easy to fall in love, it takes the right person to make me fall in love.
Love never going to be easy, love is about to hurt whenever it want  and it always going to be happen no matter what. I have been thinking about this before finally decide to confess my feeling. I think it is love when we finally eager to take the risks. I am imagining us as two kids that have courage to against the world. Telling the world that we are ready for everything regardless what we have and what we know. With you, I am feeling like a small particle in the galaxy. Flying with no mass and no certain destination.

We still have a long way to go. You are in the east tube and I am in the west tube. We don’t know how we are going to solve the distance. The distance seems to be a good thing sometimes. It gives us lots of privilege perhaps because we are kind of those people who like to spend self time the most. It is not merely about the distance. It is more than just about a distance. I feel like we are walking in a thin line, we can fall apart anytime. I know it is the part of its risks. It is strange now that I am afraid about what laid ahead after deciding to take this risk.   
  If we are not meant to be the team we dreamed about, I hope it is not going to be that hurt. If we are not meant to be, I hope it would be you first that say we are enough after all this time. I am not going to beg when your rotation is not at me anymore. If we are not meant to be, I hope you would forget about what you have wrote on our notebook and let me keep the notebook or just dump it away because let the history become our history not everyone. If we are not meant to be, I hope I would still be able to come to your wedding day and congrats you. If we are not meant to be, I hope you would understand that love never wrong.

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