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Kategori Renungan 8 Juli 2017   11:40 WIB
A letter to my future children


My dear children. I never thought of writing this to you. I was gardening this afternoon when suddenly this thing came into my mind. It has been rough days and years, dear. If you were here now and asking me what is going on, I would say don’t grow up because it is a trap. I wish you could stay this little. My dear children, I am afraid of how life will hit you so hard till you can’t face the fact that this is the life you wish when you were a little. My dear, life is not that straight and good as in your childhood dream. We adult even wish to become a child again because we don’t want to feel bad due to life. Sometimes we wish that the only hard thing we could face is a math problem not a financial problem.

To be honest, I was afraid of having you in this world. I was afraid that you won’t be able to face your life dear. I was afraid that you will be disappointed with everything in this life. The most things I was afraid of that you would become a useless person because you were doing nothing to make a better world. I would feel bad and guilty because I give a birth to an innocent human without able to make it become a useful one. But right after you were in this world, you gave me such an abundant happiness that I never thought of. I promised myself to give you my best so that all of my worries would never happen.

            Dear, we are living in a planet that serves we people with abundant things. This is the only life able planet among others. Why? I am sorry because I am not good at explaining scientific reason. But I would rather answer that God creates these all. You don’t have to doubt it. The powerful thing that you can’t see but always be there wherever you are. My dear, God creates us differently. He also creates those who don’t believe it. Why? Because we are given a choice of choosing our different way in life. God never rule us, God gives us freedom to run our life. We can choose become the followers of God or not. God never mad at those who don’t follow his way. God only guide those who pray to it. God never force you to choose its way. My dear, it just a matter of choice. But the only right way of running this life is a choice of choosing God way.

            It is pretty simple my dear. It never that complicated as what the media shows. Faith is the first thing you should have in yourself. What makes us different is faith. Faith is the only thing you must holding onto in order to face everything in this life. When you have a faith to God, it means that God will guide you through your life and will show you the solution for every matter. Faith means you believe that God is beyond everything. Don’t worry my dear; just believe that God is the only thing you should believe upon everything in this world. Never blame those who choose different path of life as you. They are just living their choice.

            My dear, our faith never teaches us to fight the unbelievers with bullets. Our faith is the faith of peace. If you see people with the same faith as you doing it, it is not the reflection of our faith. It is just the matter of the people themselves. Something wrong with them. Never my dear never. Our faith teaches us to be kind with other even with the unbeliever.  If those people do bad thing toward our faith, you have a right to react but let God do the rest.

            We live in a planet with never ending desire of everything. My dear, if you choose to be this kind of person. Believe me you will get tired of yourself. You sacrifice everything for life in this temporary place. My dear, our faith tells us that world is not a place where our life ends. It is just a place where our life begins. We are actually not stay in home. We are the traveler in this life. Some of us have a long journey to get our final destination and some has a short journey even before they were born. My dear, everything has been written since God creates us. Only God knows where our journey starts and should be ended.

                  Never my dear never be the person that want something in this life till you forget this life just an illusion. This life makes you see that money and wealthy are the goal of your life. Never my dear never. Don’t think of wanting a car just because your friend drives a car to school. Don’t be sad just because you are not having a high paying job as your friends. Don’t be sad just because you are not a medicine student. Don’t be shame just because your parent can not be those who buy you glittery things. My dear I am already proud of who you are. I don’t need you to be somebody that great and impress many people through your achievement. I just need you to be someone that believes that life should be useful in your own way. You don’t need to be the same as other. Just be yourselves and creates your own story. You don’t need a confession from people through words. Be the person who can be useful in life through your own way. Believe me, this world is just a never ending game of desire.

            My dear, during your journey you would find somebody that you want to be loved and love you as well. Love is such a beautiful feeling especially when it comes to loving someone. My dear, if I could remain you. Please don’t love those whole heartily beyond your love to God. As a God follower, don’t let yourselves love somebody more than you love your God. It would hurt you a lot dear. You will be hurted! I can’t imagine if you would have to face this. My heart would break if I knew you would get hurted by someone you love.  The right thing is when you love God beyond somebody; you will be given a true love. Not an illusion love that you get when you love somebody whole heartily.

            If you could watch what is going on now, my dear. I am glad you are not the part of my generation. There is a platform called social media. It is  impressive how social media and internet in general can connect people all around the world through having a digital identity registered. People will get to know you through this. However by the growing of social media, people seem to leave their social life and live their social media life. Life is no longer as warm and excited as it used to be. I don’t blame social media my dear. Social media is such a great invention of millennium era. I just can’t help myself thinking of how my generation uses social media for bad purposes.

My dear, don’t think of showing off everything you have in life through social media. When you are sad don’t run your fingers to social media just to tell everyone that you are sad. Run to God, turn back to God. I have no idea why it is important for many people to show off everything even their activities on it.  It is same as you are trying to satisfy those people who don’t even care just for a like button and a comment saying that you have a wonderful life and days. In fact some of those who do it are lying on their social media. My dear, believe it or not, social media would make you compare your life with those you see digital life. Don’t let yourself down just because your life is not as great as those who are trying to satisfy themselves through poem words and nice picture. Your life is not in internet. You have a more valuable real life. Go out there and don’t show off.  Just be yourself, be kind to others, don’t feel bad about yourself and I hope you  have a good day today.    

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