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The fearfulness vs the satisfaction

Today I would like to talk about how to recognize between the fearfulness and satisfaction, as we know the fearfulness will grow up in the human’s life because it has been trained by the human’s habit and fearfulness is caused of lack of human’s resourcefulness, the fearfulness is getting bigger when human being are trying to escape from his accumulation result of fearfulness, it’s law.

Whereas satisfaction doesn’t need to be trained in the reality life, but if someone is trying to magnifying his satisfaction, it will drag the fearfulness and create the ignorance, the most horrible thing which may happen to the reality is when someone is ignoring the ignorance, unwittingly his behavior will decrease the number of opportunity to come and this world will experience the mentality degradation.

We must open our eyes a lot, get up and do something to neutralize the unstable emotional feeling, when the combination between the fearfulness and the satisfaction will adhere together to the human’s world, that’s the symptom we are getting into desperation area, desperation will not occur at the first time but it continues walking until it succeeds to drag the human’s unstable emotional and put them to the insecurities place which may contains about feeling of hatred, before the bad influence is getting worse, so we must conduct our emotional feeling, train them how to accept the complicated problem, dismiss our old habit and try to accept the dislike, that is the secret of evolve.

Life is full of uncertainty; everything good can be formed in the positive side but not at all good can be considered as guidance because one of them is suffering, so what we need to do now is facing the unconditional suffering, being self-discipline person, finally we get the enlightenment from the life suffering

Karya : Fauzi Alfiandi