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Kategori Catatan Harian 3 Desember 2017   21:36 WIB
For me

Its almost one year.

When i found you with a lot of dreams.

Then i touched ur heart, i wanna make it real.

But after month by month, i realised that not everything good will be end with good too. 

We were not going anywhere. 

I saw your eyes. The one that i likes a lot. But your eyes told me something sadly. 


I remembered when you said, "when Allah made it so far to close."

I couldn't assume.

I didn't want to know more.

Even you said that it was so clear enough to understand. 

Ah.. maybe i am wrong. 

Ha.. why, i am feeling bad for this when u are the sweetest one who i want to.

This is so.. hurt.

I miss you.

Karya : Syifa Ghifari