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Clouds of evening sky

Clouds of evening sky


Each step on the road of loneliness

While I face another great burden on my sleeve

Sound of train on orange sunlight platform

And the gasses that blow my counciousness up


Wind appear to ignore me

While I sit myself on a cold seat on the side

Shadows of building keep waking me from my dream

Ruminate the past source of sorrow


Slow but flow, I fall onto the vast welkin

Try grasp the clouds of evening sky

Eventually, I let them off as my time passes by

To the place near our parting


Face what lays above then I shut my eyes

Please bring my words with you

Being alone isn’t a thing to worry

I too will convince my little fear of lose


It remains forever, so smile upon the hourglass

While sand keep falling, we too keep walking

Tell the clockwise that we will meet

With that in mind, I wake up to take the reality

Karya : Syafiq Santosa