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Kategori Puisi 5 Juni 2017   16:38 WIB
Beautiful Expression for the Most Beautiful

Beautiful Expression for the Most Beautiful

By Rainy Zikri

5 Juni 2017


Since you came into my life,

Since then I have never forgotten you and your kindness for my life


I feel your heart still in my heart, 

Therefore I'm not worried if you leave it here .... 

I always remember your words for me, " You are also always in my heart ..." 

That's why I will always keep your heart and always keep it side by side with my heart ... 

As if you were always with me ... 

Even if you do not see me,

You will be able to feel I am near you too


I know you were there in the stillness and silence staring at me from a distance .... 

Like me who look at you with my heart and in the silence of the old


No one can replace you in my heart and mind besides   Allah 


And now...

my memory of you was so strong even through my subconscious dimension ... 

until I could describe the face that I miss in front of my eyes ...

complete with your sweet smile

always make me miss you



Karya : R Zi