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In a deep, deep forest

A wise man built a kingdom

Away from the world,

The crowd, and everything

In between

He married a sweetheart

Who then gave him

Five most precious gifts

She could ever give

Each has different smile

Each takes different path


The First is a paradox

It takes magic to really see

Her hidden pages and true colors

She sings along to every sounds

And tells a thousand stories

Could be the brightest at times

And the darkest right after

Silence here, surprise there

No worries, she says

Life’s too short

To be just one thing


The Second is a beauty

And a little beast underneath

She spreads love

As much as she craves for it

She acts a lot like a princess

And a little like thorns of roses

She plays with words

And talks with pen and papers

No worries, she says

Life’s too short

To feel just one thing


The Third is a gentleman

For he has such dignity,

Charm not even kings can copy,

And taste not just anyone can see

He has every color in sketches

And just like the king’s is his strength

Easy-going at most

Way too careless at times

No worries, he says

Life’s too short

To enjoy just one thing


The Fourth has the softest heart

She loves children,

Takes good care of animals,

Even better care of herself

That heart, however, remembers

Every scratch it has

Every pain it contains

She nags a lot and is good at poetry

No worries, she says

Life’s too short

To love just one thing


The Last child is the happiest

He has that contagious laugh

And a pocket full of fun tricks

Way too brave for his size

Way too strong-willed for his age

Way too smart for his little brain

He never stays still nor quiet

People say he’ll be great

No worries, he says

Life’s too short

To learn just one thing


Home is what unites them

A noble bloodline

They might not have

But noble hearts

They do

May His light show their ways

Up, up high to the furthest sky

No worries, they say

For even if they fall

The king and queen

Are away in a mere call

Karya : Mutsla Qanitah