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I Refuse to Give Up!

No, I refuse to give up.

Stephen Hawking once said that there will always be a way out in every blackhole. He made a point and my entire heart agrees. The only thing that keeps me alive is the way I am not giving up. Once I almost did and I felt ashamed; to Allah SWT, to my beloved parents, family, and anchestors. I was once conceived with an endless hope and prayers. If I give up, I do not respect those who have given me such love, thoughts, support, and prayers. If I give up, then there's no point anymore in living. So, no. I choose to not easily giving up. I choose to get back up again after falling and failing. Because life is about the art of never giving up to anything you call obstacles and predicament that might bring you down. ?


February 3, 2016

Wellington, New Zealand

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