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Kategori Motivasi 9 September 2017   22:19 WIB
How to survive in this world nowadays. (ENG)


 how to survive in this world nowadays:
Restrain your self from judging other people's lives. Because you don't know what battle they are fighting for, and you know that being judged is one of the worst feeling in the world.

Helping people is a need but you have to know the barriers. Don't be too ignorant. Choose to take part wisely.

Sometimes the words are only words. Don't take hurtful words seriously. Don't get easily offended even if it said to offend you. 

Let people think about yourself as they wished to be. You don't have to explain anything to the world because you're not a nature phenomenon that need to be explained for the sake of human being. 

Let go of anything poisonous. Toxic people, toxic relationship, toxic social media account, toxic habit, etc. You may find comfort in it, but you don't go anywhere. And staying at a same place for a long time is suck.

You don't have to please everybody because they also can't pleased you anytime. Accept people's flaws as life had also it's ups and downs. Sometimes it will cheer you up, but it also can drag you down. 

Focus on taking care of your self. Remember that everybody has their own standard and you don't have to be the same. 

Keep your mind clear and positive towards everything. 

Celebrate your life, even for a small thing. Appreciating will boost your confidence and make your self happy.

Last but not least, Start doing something and never give up. Remember that Colonel Sanders had tried 1009 times before he could make that finger lickin' good fried chicken.

Karya : Hani Taqiyya