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Stop Holocaust, Burma!

The thing I mad about today is Rohingya Muslims are being slaughtered and burnt alive village by village by Buddhist extremists and there’s no global outrage or action. And the leader of the country sadly dont condemn this action, very disappointing.

It honestly breaks my heart even more about what’s happening to Rohingya muslims and the fact that I've only seen few people on my timeline talk about it, so insane. The lack of media coverage or people caring, whether muslim or non-muslim is despicable. We should all be ashamed of ourselves, this is genocide, this is murder! We all have a platform on this website to inform at least one person on this situation and bring awareness so please do so. 

(Stop talking about @raisa6690 and @hamishdw, i mean they are married already, no chances exist for y'all to get her back, this is your chance to inform the world about Rohingya, so they'll get help soon)

if you can share how much you care about other people’s life, how much you care about depression awareness day. PLEASE show how much you care about this issue as well. PLEASE SAVE MUSLIMS OF ROHINGYA (I'm tearing apart). make this viral #SaveRohingya. Let the @unitednations knows that we care. you don’t have to share gory photos to show you care, I cant even see those sadden pictures or Rohingya, you can share the words, share the valid donation link if you find any (as I know, the access to the country is limited until now so if you know any, please recheck and then share if its valid) 

If only i had plane or jet and send myself and tons of food, because something that really upsets me is that there's enough food in the world for everyone yet half the world is overweight and the other is dying from lack of food, c'mon, are you even human oh self? I even want to bring them all to my country, they genuinely can stay at my humble house???? 

Speak out for those sufferring, speak out for those who do not have a voice or the privilege to be heard. Speak out against injustice.

ps: kalau kamu bernafas, itu tandanya kamu makhluk hidup. kalau kamu peduli, itu berarti kamu manusia.


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