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Hey Buddy,

How are you? (I didn’t even ask that, I suppose you are always fine). It’s been awhile we didn’t contact 'that much' for each other. Well, you don’t change at all. You are whom you were. I don’t know I should be happy or not. Perhaps, mysterious is your nick name? Or enigmatic is a better middle name (despite your unusual one)? I don’t know, I’m always trapped by that thing from you. Emotionally constipated might describe you best. You are detached from your feeling. We know each other for a long time, We talked lots, but nothing I can say about you.

You know how to win. And I know how to make you feel winning. Perfection, aren’t we? but, we are so much different. You are there above the sky, I’m here on earth. I don’t know how to reach you. Or I should never imagine that, because that will never happen in my life. But I would like to say thank you. I’m now here and like this because I used to know you. I was so much inspired by you. You opened this world that I know now for me. Dream and fly high, as you always implied to me. I’ve wanted to say good bye since a long long time ago. But maybe, I was never ready for that.

After all this time, I’m still not ready for a closure. But it seems that I have no choice yet just say it to you. So, good bye?

Let Allah takes care of this.

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