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Heart's Conversation


There will always an empty room I keep in my heart, for you to come when you drained. But sometime, it locks itself when you?re busy around. Maybe, trying which gets us trapped in the same mistake over and over again. Maybe what we?ve got to do is just let the life flows into its direction without any force to stop and change it for our own purposes. Because half of this heart who doesn?t wanna let you go, for any reason, in any circumstance. I miss you, and it gets worse as the time passed by.

(quoted from Berta Dewi)


I?ve invested all my heart and all my life. I?ve given all for you. I was not supposed to get attached to you this much. Now, I?ve nothing left. It's even getting worse when I realize that? I simply miss us.


?Would you mind if you stay a bit longer??

I wish I could hear you saying,

?As long as you want me to be with you, I will stay, even it means... forever.?


But all I know, it's just my wish.

It's just the heart's conversation.

Even worse, it happens all in my head.


Diambil dari blog saya di https://initentangimpian.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/i-simply-miss-us/#more-920 dengan sedikit gubahan. Gambar diambil oleh saya.

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