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Strategy to Survive: Seasonal Business

Many of us have seasonal businesses; there are some examples we can recall in global scope. Hotel and accommodations, certain harvest plants, seasonal outfit fashion stores, and so forth. In Indonesia, we can meet particular businesses that works in particular times, let’s say, surveying services on elections era. They are growing to be a solemn business when they do not only give the data from the survey but also consulting services how to win the elections.

Those forms of business are seasonal. They have a short window to gain profit and the big challenge is to keep the money they get to be last all year. Most industries in this form experience sales slumps just as most industries experience peak demands. How these businesses work out and be successful? This article may answers your wonders.


Reckon The Off-Season Expenses

David Goldin, the president and CEO of Capify advised reducing business hours and days, lowering your staffing requirements and cutting back your marketing and ad budgets to save money. You can also renegotiate some of your vendor contracts and recurring services, to see where you can scale back.

This strategy is also being done by most well known and a pioneer survey service, LSI (Lingkaran Survei Indonesia) that led by Denny J.A. They have a strong but a particular work that focuses on giving accurate and credible survey outputs as their main base to make strategy for winning the clients (election candidates). As the election hitches from one region to another, they have seasonal work times and only in those periods, they can gain profit. They have a slender but very functional structure in their professional permanent employees, and as they need many people to work when the projects are started, they hire them just in a “buy break up” contract. They also thoroughly manage the finance management by saving their calculated off-season expending funds.


Look for Opportunities

For seasonal fashion industry, Valerie Johnson’s Big Feet Pajama Company that produces outfits for cold season, summer time is a nightmare. Their sales slump on this exact period. Then Johnson started to notice that some fissures in this earth have a different time on winter season. When winter comes in America, they make a huge sale in this place, and as the summer time comes, they sell their products to Australia and New Zealand, where winter is in full effect.

You just have to stop thinking of your company as a seasonal business. Your customers have different need all year. You just need to find a way to serve those needs in a way that fits your existing business.


Offer Sales and Discounts During Slow Times

Accommodation business, as hotel and resorts shall survive their low seasons of “not-vacation time” by adapting their marketing efforts to target local people instead of seasonal tourists. To stay within the average local’s budget, they revamp their published room rates.


Keep Marketing in Down Time

Once the seasonal peak is past and business may no longer productive, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on neglected administration and evaluate your business outlook. Engagement with customer is one of main landscape of our business architecture.

Philip Kotler Center for Asean Marketing published a book, entitled Rethinking Marketing that states company’s value could be marketed all the time as they ascertain their resource is highly demanded by customers, when it cannot be replicated by competitors, and ensure their resources are rare in such short supply. By knowing this design, seasonal businesses can market this scarcity of value, even in down time, so when the peak season comes, and the marketing was well executed, they can capture maximum yields and profits.


Monica Anggi JR

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