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Marketing in Our New World

A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view

That’s a piece of A Whole New World song as the soundtrack of Alladin Disney movie which well represents of our new world.

Embrace the new era of everything; new realities, new media, and new connection. Those new things leads us to deal with adjustments for making our business thriving, that means a whole new way in marketing.

What has just happened in 2016 lately shocked the global economic sphere. China has becoming a country that has the biggest PPP, followed by the European Union (which is not a country, but a regional economy system), and U.S is in the third position (IMF, 2016). We met a serious consequence in Brexit phenomenon on June 23. Do you think regional economy system is good? It’s more like a vicious circle once you join there; can you imagine how many countries trapped in the same currency, same policy in trading, and so on? We can say Indonesia is lucky enough; ASEAN does not work as EU does. Commerce globalization happens everywhere and trends itself. Trump who has just took his oath as a President also has the same notion of the economy world nowadays. His famous quote was “We no longer surrender America or its people to the false song of globalization.” Is actually free trade benefits our citizens more, or benefits only for the doers?



That’s why we can be sure; the unsteadiness of economy is one of factors that lead us to the new era. We could deduct to Hermawan Kertajaya's reference - Five Uncertainties, yet we shall point not all aspects.  Economy as we have discussed, is the major role. We enter the 4.0 economy system where market capitalization is now going to be protected by the government. There are fears for losing everything since economy globalization came.

Technology factor is also important and we can put it on the top of economy. Why? We have experienced to live in ICT (Information & Communication Technology) era where we start the journey of unified communications and integration of telecommunications, e.g. telephone lines, computer, wireless signal, software, and middleware that enabled us to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. Then we enter this whole new upgraded era; CPPS (Cyber Physical Production Systems) where every mechanism controlled by computer-based algorithms, tightly integrated with the Internet and its users. How many traditional businesses perish because overlapped by new business based on CPPS or because not adjusting themselves to utilize updated tech?

 Market has changed as well. We used to think the big thing first; Globalization. It sounded great, huge, and we imagined a big return on it. Then we knew that our capacity could not fulfill the global scale, so we squeezed it into regional. How about now? With new era of technology and economy, we are in Glocal; think globally, act locally. 

The shifting of the market also changes people behavior. Almost everyone in the world now, especially the ones that we meet in big cities, are the artists. That’s why we find a new term for human resources department; there is ‘talent manager’ which focusing on managing and directing the people’s ability and aptitude. The scope of artists is not limited for art field par se, including businessmen, politicians, consultants, and so on. Steve Jobs once said, “The people who built Silicon Valley were engineers. They learned business, they learned a lot of different things, but they had a real belief that humans, if they worked hard with other creative, smart people, could solve most humankind’s problems.Tada! We get the key here: CREATIVE. All jobs in the world need creativity, and the doers are the artists. But we should emphasize that creativity without execution is nothing. Creativity means executing the idea.



Marketing is reaching the new level of challenges. We can simplify it by segregate market-ing, so it’s all about dealing with the ever-changing markets. Modern marketing relies on segmenting, targeting, and positioning. Segmentation could be classified based on geographic and demographic, but give more attention to psychographic (social class, lifestyle, personality) and behavioral aspects (buying frequency loyalty, events). Positioning, as our strategic entrepreneurship is very different with just a tagline. Positioning needs a big effort and long journey, it’s a promise; we shall not overpromise but we shall deliver it to our customer. Meanwhile differentiation as our tactical creativity dissociated by three major things: Content – what to offer, Context – How to offer it, and Infrastructure – the enabler.

To thrive our business in this new era, we shall establish awareness on nation competitiveness. Change itself is our value migrator, how to migrate the value is based on our business vision, mission, strategy, and tactics. Shall we change one part, some parts, or whole passage or as we know do the “corporate transformation” to sustain our business? Innovation is a must in our business, that’s why the customer is our value demander. There is no longer “buyer” or “customer is a king”, in leveraging the value while we deliver to customer, we already build our brand – company becoming a value leader.

Monica Anggi JR

Karya : Monica Anggi JR