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Time Stood Still (inspired by Gustav Klimt's)

A lazy sparrow on it's flight to the day that died,
Glowing radiant golden color until the time he hide,
A sudden moment of true prayers said,
Rest....Believe me from what I am made,
A dew of dawn, a spark of stars, and a wiggly wind,
From which I speak, shine and started a sin....

Gloomy silver arrows spread from the moon with her grace,
Scattered evenly and glittered upon her bewildered beautiful face,
Time should fail and leave the blue earth behind,
Leave me here! even without dreams, hope, love...even with the absence of mind....

All the angels in heaven has sang their song,
A hymn of love that I forever long,
But the sound that ticks cannot stay and be still,
As my heart beat with the counts that kill...

Fate, be my destiny lies in the hand of the devil...
A place in the dark and filled with evil....
Mock me as I am shrouded in the clouds of uncertainty,
I am hopeless without your divine entity,
Like the day that waited to break and the life that guide me into sanity....

Karya : Michael Devant