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Kategori Puisi 21 Juli 2017   14:34 WIB


Looking out the night with a thousand stars
Trying to hide my pain
To distract my feeling
It's all just useless
Everything's now reminding me
The things that I ever did to you
And I couldn't find any reason 
To move this on
My regrets drop into pieces
And hoping
Suddenly I can't recognize them anymore

Time just passed away
 But I couldn't pass my memories about you-about us
About everything we have been through
I thought it could be easier
When I'm alone
Day by day as the time flies
And the walk miles
I was too wrong 
This made me crazy
When I keep thinking this all night and day
It's never been easier to forget you
But why it's just easier to love you?

Karya : Maz