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Kategori Motivasi 30 Desember 2016   18:10 WIB
Can I sleep for a while and forget the rest of the world?

This life is so long and long, long way to go. You have to work hard to get what you want. If you get something so easy, you never really live this life and you will never feel being a fighter. One of my teachers said: "You can if you think, you can" and I'm just going to add a few words, do your best, you'll find yours, just keep going and be patient and we know prayer is our first effort and the last we turn over to God.

You can't see the last page of your story, the best way to find it out is keep going and keep living until the final day. No matter what mistakes you made, you'll always find the way to solve them and just remember what Taylor Swift said: "You're wiser, smarter and stronger because you made mistakes in your life". Yeah, you can learn from your past and you don't make the same ones again. 

There's a time when you can't control yourself, there are big desires in your heart, you want to do many things, you want to go somewhere else etc. The biggest enemy is yourself which is not easy to defeat. But if you learn yourself and try to understand what you really want to do, you'll know what to do and you'll know the first thing you take.
No fear, no chance. 
Sometimes fear is the beginning of our bravery.

Keep dreaming
Your dream is the one thing that makes you alive and stronger, never stop dreaming even if you don't believe your dream anymore, but don't forget the best way to make your dream comes true is wake up, which means you can't only dream, you have to do something to bring it into reality.

Can you sleep for a while and forget the rest of the world? So you can forget all of the things you don't like and the mistakes you made!
 No, you can't, you can't just disappear from the world when it's calling you out forcing you to do something. Yeah, you're not alone in this world, they're people who love you and need you. Every night is your dreaming and every day is your time to catch your dream.
Just be yourself
Sometimes you're trapped in your imagination which is not the real you, you want to be someone else because you like them and you think they're good, they're very interested while you don't. Don't disrespect yourself, be proud of yourself, no matter what you're, you're the best just the way you are. It's not about what you are, it's about what you do.
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