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Kategori Motivasi 26 Oktober 2016   00:16 WIB
Star Sounds

I saw a little star in the sky tonight. Such is mediocre, not as bright as other ones. Cornered in a deserted part, without the accompanying colony. That star, I looked inexplicably continues. As if it was also looking at me, and smiled quietly to me.
Maybe I'm dramatizing. But I believe that the inhabitants of the sky are there. They are always there when I let go of the pain at the end of the night, a painful early morning. While people around are complacently dreaming, only those who see me compromise with the time that has not even solved the riddles. Time passed, but I'm not recovered yet. Especially when the night cut off all the light, eliminating my super logic, leaving me with a stagnation. Memories remain and win.
So, what is feeling? Even tomorrow I myself will laugh at mine. No, errata, I will not laugh or make fun of my feelings anymore. Because tonight, the star gave a little light, an enlightenment, spoke without sound.
It squeaks...
Your feelings are real. Nurture love and eliminate hatred. Believe this, the time will usher in happiness. Maybe now you're in doubt or kind of things, you're sick, just let go, cry, keep silent and move to where the sun is shining brightly. Your feelings are not blind as you think. People, they are now laughing at your feelings, also have their time. Those pains are God's way to restore the sanctity of your heart that has been contaminated by the logic. Look at the little boy who quarreled with his friend, they were hitting each other and cried, but not long after that, they return to play and laugh. Their feelings are still pristine. Yes, don't you miss the days of your childhood?
More than anything. My childhood, I had a yoyo gangsta, I had a guava tree where its limbs are my favorite reading spot, I could look at the sky, the clouds, and flying birds, and I had a grandmother who was very fond. I missed the fairy-tale. I missed all of which now cannot happen again.
Now, what do you get from someone who humiliated your feeling?
As known as pleasure, pain, and mixed?
More or less.
It is not easy, but the process is still continuing. Do not force time to end it. Weep, but be grateful. You are being formed to become powerful personal who can use reason and feel as well and in harmony.
Thanks for your little sunshine, little star.
Believe this, you are not alone. The inhabitants of the sky see you from the above and see him whose your prayers either.

(illustration taken from favim.com by helena888)

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