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Rewind The Memories

Rewind The memories

I know, I realize, I understand, that...

Who am I? I only an ordinary girl, not someone special. 

I have no space, i have no right, no path for caring you. There’re too much reasons for me to leave you, to forget every single thing crowling inside, coming into this such a life.

But how ever i do something, it will be nothing, cause there’s no feel.

Dear My Star...

You’re shining there still

In every night i feel

I’m gonna seeing you will

You gonna abolish my ill

I miss you, and always

People may say that yearning someone is like hurting, but it has no meaning for me.

Cause everytime i feel i miss, that time i gonna get what my zeal is

For another, yearning someone is like killing

Cause it throbs suddenly unrealizingly and make harder to breath, but actually...

The throbhs are going to draw me a new spirit for soul

It helps me to see what life actually. In a bigger, larger picture.

Admiring is better than possessing

Cause in my eyes...

Admiring, teaches me how to be loyal

Admiring has its own miracle for love

It works inside


But, it bright so right to my life

It would make me as a superstar

Dear my Star, admiring you is something nice


Glass, Wednesday 7th October, 2015

Karya : Lutfiah