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Get around the Running Maid Agency in Singapore from Home

Maid Agency in Singapore from Home

Maid Agency in Singapore - Some of our customers complain about bad experiences when taking helpers and baby sitter through foundations or dealer agencies. The reason, just a few days after working maid or baby sitter is run away from home without saying goodbye. There are also workers who survive only until the warranty expires, then run away too. This trauma makes them hesitant to order in unitedchannel

Here we discuss how to make sure that the assistant household is not blurred.

1. Do a maximum interview before hiring workers. Ask about work experience for the past 3 years, work anywhere, with anyone, and what you do.

2. Clarify the rights and obligations when workers run away in letters of agreement between the dealer and the employer. There is a warranty clause (the dealer guarantees the worker will work for at least 3 months) in most letters, but the editorial does not firmly set the case for the workers who are vague. Since the escaped worker case is not clearly regulated, the dealer usually argues that he can not change because he did not get the original.

3. Request guarantees in the form of diplomas or other securities from the workers. The most appropriate party to store it is a dealer. As an employer, you make sure that any guarantees are kept by the dealer. Also make sure the worker has a clear original address.

4. Report the attendance and departure of workers to the local RT / RW head. This is to avoid the confusion of news about his departure. An employer may bring a RT / RW certificate to the dealer when claiming a replacement.

5. The employer needs to treat the worker well and ensure that the work and home atmosphere is comfortable for the worker. Domestic working relations (as well as industrial as well) should be based on the willingness of both parties, ie employers and workers. The employer can not assume the trivial right of the workers to get good treatment and a comfortable environment.

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