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2 Favorite Places on the island of Bali

2 Favorite Places on the island of Bali

Island of Bali is one of the sights that are in Indonesia. Where this one has a lot of advantages which can be used as one of the destinations most feasible for you to make as a good vacation with friends and family. Along with the development of tourism sector in our country, today there are many traveling companies that you can choose to visit the place on this one. For those of you who are currently interested to visit the place on this one, consider the following two of the most popular tourist attractions on the island of the gods.
1. Kuta beach
Sights that this one is one of the most popular places in Bali. Everyone who visited the island of gods of course, already familiar with this one place. Kuta Beach is located near the airport so where this one was easy to visit. There are many activities you can do there. Some of these activities such as walking while enjoying views of the beach and surf. In these places already provided various facilities such as hotels where to eat and some other facilities so that your vacation activities can be much more comfortable.
2. Pura Tanah Lot
Where this one store a wealth of outstanding tourist. This place has two pieces of the temple which is visited by every tourist to watch the sunset. Pura contained in the site is located on a large rock so that it becomes a uniqueness of its own. Where this one can you make as a tourist destination that must to visit.
Second place in the above are some of the many places where tourist destinations on the island of the gods. Now you can visit the site through a variety of ways, either with his visiting directly without agent in backpacker or visit it through a traveling agent in your city. Hopefully this article exposure you make as a reference and useful information, especially for those of you who are now planning to go to the venue.

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