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Rescuer, Rather Than Fighter

If we kept doing the good for others, the good would surely come back to us. Alas, rarely have we aimed such objective. The meaning of living is to help yet enrich one another in gladness, over the planet-earth.

Anyway, why rescuer? As my dream is to save any life in despair, sorrow, and loneliness, I would rather not heave myself by doing nothing nor letting the evil be right. Still better than people who remain in disagreement. Also, rescuer is a path that many couldn’t follow as they are foolishly resisting just for the sake of their opinion towards life. So patience is truly being forged through rescuer rather than fighter.


Sadly, that noble idea has to be opposed with those that (mis)perceive the higher truth in suspection -let alone hatred. Two years since I have been entering the volunteerism’s living, the hardship is getting higher, and even higher now. Further, frustration came when I had to be in the contrary against my parents. They rarely gave me any chance to prove that I am doing everything mindfully and successfully through charity. Contrarily, they kept examining anything else as if their advice were right; only for the sake to defend their opinion about life: living in mediocrity for harmony. Such foolish way of thinking.

Still, the tenser state much heaved me, and quite surged myself into deep misery. Thus apparently ruined all the eligibility I used to have before. I suddenly lost confidence, aim, gratitude, and mainly the act to keep doing the right thing. Even I did barely take every lesson from the universe. An inescapable shock! It took months and tears to put the effort for ongoing patience. More, the burden had to be lightened; and I needed learn it in hard way. So what is next?

There the harder luck is. I keep doing the right thing, giving my parents advice in smoother way, and sometimes being very sarcastic towards them. All of them did not simply work as what I have always hoped. What else then? Even though the only weakness I have is that I have never lowered my expectation towards reality, it sucked after all. The point of living is not to be daunted by fear; but climb over it. But my parents, like what many people chose… They did the same thing literally. What an irony.

DNA of Creation

Well, the journey is all rather about any gain of courage I have been through in which it led me into more understanding of living. The time I entered Rumah Perubahan, the story began. I met with very many well-minded people. The atmosphere… the environment… Everything was just perfect. They fully enabled me to forge myself and have an excellence in website development through the given tasks such as Petualang Cilik (http://petualangcilik.rumahperubahan.co.id) and the “not used yet” Produk Perubahan (http://produk.rumahperubahan.co.id). Rather, they trusted in me during the whole process. A lot.

Later, it turned out to be a clearer yet happier relationship the more I was involved along with the peers. And by chance, I eventually acquired another new brilliance: video editing. But the joy had come to an end after a year (June 2016 – August 2017). Even so, they taught me a wisdom: the way to let the growth of creativity, entrepreneurship, learning -and so the good on- enhance naturally. Only lovely memories remained there.

The brighter fortune was awaiting me the moment I made a decision (February 2016) to involve myself actively with Mr. Raldi Artono Koestoer and his team, “Tim Inkubator UI and Yayasan Bayi Prematur Indonesia (YABAPI)”. An inspiring work conducted by the team to save all babies’ lives emphasized me not to keep lasting with worldy and untrue desires; otherwise promote the epitome of helping and enriching one another. It provided the same vision I have always been aiming: the act of doing the truth and the higher one after it. The core of living was there, and I was filled in cheerfulness by witnessing it.

Here, I am fully learning to reach the objective in proper way. Let’s say the brief publication for instance. Over these two years, I have been practicing to present any publication elegantly to audience: in video, website, and printed form as well. Also, I learnt the way of opting engineering’s mechanism. Rehan (Ibnu Roihan) taught me all the knowledge he got: from designing and generating the manufacture, building the electrical circuit, observing the field, involving every SME and community -not to mention the enterprising approach. Unawares, I am broadening the true meaning of charity from just donating to providing the best service towards society. And those all had to be done in diligence.

Drastically, I rarely sought for the praise, gained every emerging idea in mindfulness, and was even more determined to present all the work for any community I have been joining. Simply, the will to fulfill volunteerism came, flowed into my mind. And it grew more and more in my heart within the act of caring.

Moreover, merging all the knowledge, experience, and especially wisdom does matter enormously. Thus is the primary source for the DNA of creation in which it is nearing ourselves to new excellence, then new brilliance. That is why I took immediately the opportunity (April 2016) to perform on a travelling community in East Nusa Tenggara, Socio Traveler (www.socio-traveler.com). The activity gave a lesson that happiness is not about survival. Finding it means living our life for the fullest and happiest one, and it depends on our choice to let the good and the bad go.

The more the brilliance is, the more the responsibility we have. It was the reason I openly welcomed the offer from Tanee (July 2017), an agriculture platform that is running its role to provide young farmers who do not have marketplace for their product. The same went on when I chose to follow the literacy community, Sedekah Buku Indonesia (December 2017). All those circumstances truly emerged my DNA of creation in muscle, body, and in the end towards surroundings.



A philanthropic person is the one who already outreaches the boundaries, both within himself and from reality. Man is to be used to doing philanthropy in encouragement. Because the meaning of philanthropy is more than just those that have been living very poorly, but rather about the act of caring, the act of living. If not, how should we put an end to mental poverty then?

Philanthropist with quality shall become my prime achievement of being rescuer for lives. Rather than being fighter, that is my vision, my aim, my objective I have always been dreaming of from the very first day I entered the world of volunteers. Finally, I came to realize that somehow, we often have to put the disappointment aside; but rising hope along with our higher act. It is the way to prevail against every evil legacy we are witnessing. And it is high time we enhanced more brilliance through the practice of giving effort in philanthropy. Dare we?

Juan Karnadi
Faculty of Engineering
University of Indonesia

Karya : Juan Karnadi