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What is the true success? We should ponder it again. The standpoint of success has apparently become obsolete nowadays. It does merely matter to achievement: fame, wealth, and prestige. Rarely do we mean for charity in life. We are too focused on what many opine. Thus quite surges ourselves to live in the boundaries of our dreams. Yet, we do not truly live again. We have been frittering our energies away, sacrificing good chances, as the way our circumstances and surroundings going on.

We are what we do, not what we say we will do. The mainstream outlook rootedly flows into mind, and heart of the people as well. But alas, it brings only few broad-minded thoughts; contrarily obstinate, even conceited ones. It actually leads the universe to very deep misery. And the result is obvious: the world is an unhappy one today, because its people constantly focus on things that make themselves unhappy in life. So, how else?

Here is a story of the spirited activity named RK Mentee. It aims to imbue the young with charitable deeds. Being forged to learn building character, everybody was united in very cheerful atmosphere. Our prime spirit is “learning in happiness”. Then, we were given a project for each group as the duty to serve the society. It is simply because we are to carry out impact and influence too in the right way to all the surroundings. You can find it out more by Googling our website with keyword “rk mentee” or accessing it at More, we want to share to one another, enrich the society by giving more, for the sake of well-being in our country.

Another story comes from East Indonesia. There is Socio Traveler, a community that gathers people around the whole wide world through journey. This idea was fulfilled in order to make travelling not just a hobby; otherwise a true bliss. By mingling with nature, it literally aroused anyone else to open his/her mind and heart, also see the nature’s beauty. Thus actually enabled man to find the way to fill himself with happiness. And that is the main objective. Still, it inevitably turned out that Indonesia’s tourism has more been recognized globally. Isn’t the way it is done curious yet exciting? You can check it out more on (search “socio traveler” in Google).

The exemplary is the “Free Incubator”, a socio-technopreneurship program for all premature babies, notably those from marginal community. What has been done? Well. These years, it already saved more than 1500 premature babies; not to mention the twins and triplets in the whole country. With lighter manufacture, cheaper cost, and less energy consumption. Even the incubator itself is just being loaned without any fee. Free! And it verily relieved parents who were in a need of help somehow, from shouldering the burden solely for survival: to support family and save their beloved babies.

However, the program’s main goal is to fully provide the country in spirit of service to society. In what way? By sharing happiness to one another with true Devotion: small to medium enterprise (SME), technician, and mainly volunteers (in 39 cities and regions). Nothing heaved them; only happiness did pour their heart till it overflowed. And here is a beautiful way they put their faith: “Helping one another is the best way to help ourselves.” So, they did, with all the might they have. Thus has surely promoted our communal spirit, gotong-royong and compassion as well, such virtues that have degraded recently. See how we take the very good care of those all on (keyword “inkubator gratis”). That is the way to live mindfully and meaningfully.

Presently, education is perceived not as the process to put human values as its hallmark, but achievement. No wonder there is an absence of humanity in our current educational system. Yes. Man has rarely been taught to sublimate his ego. He is unawares obstructing others to better themselves. Look at how many lecturers talk about what we are supposed to acquire on each acquaintance. Task by task. Study after study. It is obviously mistaken! Besides, due to the misperceived education, we have already witnessed the evil-minded fellow (i.e corruptors and misleading hypocrites) made the progress of the race impossible. As the result, the nation is truly being surged by hatred. So why need we be obsessed with achievement?

In what way are we our own worst enemy? Does fear already linger us from failure in the past, and really make us overlook any good opportunity? Not yet. Rise! Success story is not about what we achieve, rather what we do and what we give to this world. Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn. It is the way of success. Make things happen. Endure life, for the ones we love. Success? Go for it!

Juan Karnadi
Faculty of Engineering
University of Indonesia

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