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Move On, Now!

Move on. What comes to your mind? It is said that happiness comes through the absence of problem, there having a perfect life. But unfortunately, life is not as simple as reading a book. We have to fight for it, learn from it, and conquer it. Fully, and mindfully. Instead of striving, we are always complaining about the way our circumstances go on. We never want to acknowledge and overcome them yet. We would rather there was not any hardship we had to face. We have been avoiding obstacles, running away from reality, and unawares frittering away our energy only for insignificant things. Wasting our whole life! And it apparently flows into our minds and heart as well.

What is the use? We are accustomed to letting despair take control of our life. A simple thing, for example, in 24 hours 60 minutes 60 seconds given by GOD, have we ever made the very best moment one? We should ask ourselves then. Rarely do we use every new day for our own good and the good of people around us; contrarily for the evil. We deliberately blame and obstruct one another. And that would simply spoil the progress of the race, along with justice and humanity. How else?

Take a look on how Red Nose Foundation aroused the children in Cilincing through circus. It must be joking, but it is not. It actually happened. So what has been done there? It gathered and empowered children that are lacking in chance to have a better life. By encouraging one another, it imbued them to live happily yet mindfully. Thus literally affected their way of living to truly outreach their unlimited potential. More, some of them already had the similar spirit of service to society: to enrich and share to the universe and motherland too through circus. They are aware that their welfare is bound up with the nation’s well-being.

Antasari Azhar can also become an exemplary. Having been imprisoned over 6 years, he was to live in the plight; miserably for things he did not do. Despite that, he had no desire to hurt others -notably those who already framed him up purposely. He just let those all go peacefully. Rather, he chose to verily welcome the rest of his life. For instance, he led all the criminals in LAPAS Tangerang to do handcraft, scout, catfish pond, and so meaningful deeds on. His current state is probably rugged to be through. But he kept bearing in mind to always think his best. Gently.

Here is a truly inspiring young, Azka Corbuzier (10). We might have never wondered the way he was fighting for to live happily. It took months and tears to cope very well with conflicts among his parents. He had to greatly endure it with his own strength. To think about such distress apparently shook him off; not to mention he was still 6 years old. And it eventually turned out that his parents had a divorce in 2013. But somehow, they found out how to be happy for things they had decided. What is the golden way?

Even-mindedly, his parents put their conceit aside, always gave first preference to the one they love, Azka -by keeping the spirit of tolerance. Therefore, the three of them often spent time together and nothing heaved them, but happiness. Their resolve to tightening bonds enable them to set everything else aside; only do family. Azka told that there had not anything broken. In what point? There, he added it is not a broken home when we still have the same love from both parents. He even emphasized that broken home does not mean broken dreams. All he wanted is just a happy life for his father and mother. And his parents? They put an end to fight against each other. More, Azka beautifully put the way he loved them in an illustration comic book (Story of My Life #azkacorbuzier, 2016).

Much gain of courage is made not by always being right, but by not fearing to be wrong. We only live once; but if we do it right, once is enough. And whatever we have decided, we must never regret for all the cost it takes. So bear with courage while hearing a “No”. Because despair is to be dared. For everything you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. Our educational system has rarely broadened our outlook along with the outlook of the people, yet learnt understanding one another and the whole wide world. But do we sacrifice good chances because of the current state?

Nothing venture, nothing win. No one is born happy but everyone is born with the ability to create happiness. We shall not let our fears become the boundaries of our dreams. Do what we can, wherever we are, with all the might we have. The key is to see beyond imperfection. Better late than never. No! It is high time we set our minds, “Better NOW than LEVER (Later and Never)”. Time to move on. And it is now! Last but foremost: “Move On, Now!”

Juan Karnadi
Faculty of Engineering
University of Indonesia

Karya : Juan Karnadi