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My childhood memories..

Dear my childhood memories..

I need you to pick up some old memories left in mind to be written here.

It is about someone I knew quite well since we’re in 2nd grade of elementary school.

We first met at a religious class, we just knew that we went to the same school.

Since that we made a good friendship, I don’t really remember whether we’ve ever been in the same class or not during elementary school.

I just remember, before the bell rang, I usually came to her house and got her to the school with me.

I also remember how her mom treated her very well before going to school, from top to toes, I ever thought that she was like a princess.

I never forget there was a big display window in her living room, well arranged by her collections, minnie mouse, hello kitty,  etc.

We usually spent time in her room, I always liked to be in her room, where we can share stories, our first love, our broken hearts stories, our secrets, and many else.

We still did hang out after years, before I got marriage. We visited places, friends. We ever made a childhood promise which I don’t really remember, hmm, it’s a kind of time capsule promise, that we’ll back in the great mosque’s yard some years later and did something like.. hmm, argh, I did have a bad memory.

She was happy about my marriage, about my man. I may miss so many moments with her, yet deep inside I never leave her anywhere but here in my heart, there's a place that will always be her place.

A year ago I was really pleased to hear her marriage was coming up, I was really happy for her. She's now a wonderful wife for her husband. And, I believe she'll be a great mom.

Today, May 31st, I note as a great day for her, as she's getting older, I am surely believing that she's growing more mature, finer, greater, happier, much more beautiful. I believe too, that God is planning fabolous surprises for her for the upcoming minutes she'll step in life.

And, I just believe that we'll always meet in every nice moments later on.

Tanjungpinang, May 31st, 2016


PS: for a beautiful girl who's just turned to a wonderful woman, wife and going to be a great mom, Orio Farisha.


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