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Should (We) Travel Abroad? Why and Why (not) ?

Should (we) travel abroad? Why and why (not)?

More and more people are having travelling nowadays compared to the past. Due to the cheap airline tickets (even sometimes free seat) and the growing of tourism industry, travelling is not belong to certain communities anymore. People who have low budget (like me :p) still can do travelling by planning it meticulously. I use to plan it one year in advance, so it is easier for me to calculate the budget as well as prepare the itinerary.

Basically, travelling either domestic or abroad is pretty similar. You just need to hold a passport if you want to go abroad, the rest are just the same. Should we travel in Indonesia or should we go abroad? Well, that’s a tricky question. As you know that our wonderful country is rich in terms of beautiful mountains to pristine beaches. I still remember, a very good friend of mine said that I don’t need to go abroad as I have a vast tourism desinations in my home country. Definitely her idea is true, however travelling abroad is also appealing.   

I haven’t travelled to many countries, but my experience to have an internship in India and visited some of the most prestigious places in that incredible country has shed light on the importance of travelling abroad. Why it says so? Here is my own opinion.

After finishing working and studying at the same time, I’m tired with all the routines and thought to escape for a while from that crazy hardwork. So I decided to challenge myself for something brand new. I want to go abroad, but at the same time I want to gain experience. So it is like shooting two objects with one arrow at once. It ended up that I enrolled for a global internship program. I have never thought that my internship experience will stay strong in my heart, until now, and it even radically change my point of view towards life. Its been like five years ago, but it was just like yesterday.

Travelling abroad is an activity which can bring a lot of benefits into our lives. People who travel to different countries will learn and experience novel things in their life. We will have new friends, new communities and perhaps new family!

Travelling to foreign countries will not only increasing knowledge but also expanding our point of view towards every single thing happen in our life. According to my experience, I learnt the value of tolerance, forgiveness, intercultural understanding and independence from India. India, is indeed, had shaped me to be a mature person in terms of everything!

In addition, my travelling experience had opened a door for me to do voluntary work in one of the prestigious NGO in India (the CEO just got an award from Indian Government for its contribution in education change in India recently). I had my voluntary work in a remote area in Himalayas, the place had been a dream since I was watching Seven Years in Tibet’s movie.

Furthermore, I thrilled to tell you that ex interns are still connecting although it is only through social media. The most happiest thing is whenever they visit Indonesia, I will be their host and tour guide. Though I have some limitless, I’m glad helping them reccomended some places to visit and made booking for all those things when they were here. So, I think this is one of the best advantage if you travel abroad. You will become a good ambassador without being Putri Indonesia or Putri Pariwisata for your country. 

Gaining knowledge from the country where you stay/live in is also another benefits. I had a chance to learn Hindi and Sanskrete words (which so damn difficult) as well as learning the history of India by visiting some of the heritage sites, reading the manuscripts and interacting with the locals. It is one of the precious experience I have ever had as it eventually becomes the source of writing quest.

Enjoying local food in another things that you can do while travelling abroad. Signature dish is always something I am searching for. Last but not the least, some countries have a unique festival, which might you can’t find in your country. For instance, to mark the autumn to spring, Indian celebrated Holi Festival (Color Festival), even wedding reception in India is remarkable.

In conclusion, spending money for travelling abroad is worth. What I have written probably only small portion of travelling’s advantages, you may get more when you experience it yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and go!

If you are afraid to begin, here are some tips from me to travel abroad:

  1. Makesure that you have a valid passport. Making passport is much more easier now. In some regions you can make passport through online process.
  2. Some of my friends start with the closest country with us or ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. Furthermore, they expand their journey into Asian countries such as Japan, China, India, etc. Furthermore, they will touch European countries.
  3. If you’re afraid to be solo traveller, go with someone you trust such as close friend or family. You can also try to join share cost or open trip, however it might charge you more than you travel alone.
  4. If you have a tight budget, plan your journey one or two years in advance. A very good friend of mine, prepared three years to go to Japan.
  5. Save 10% of your salary each month. Don’t save your money from the remaining of your salary, it won’t work! Save by the time payday comes.

 So, do you still have a reason not to go abroad?

Karya : Irma Rahmatiana