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Do Electrical Communication Makes People Happier?

Do Electrical Communication Makes People Happier?

We live today in a digital information age. It is easier to be connected by technology, yet many people seem no closer to feeling happy in their lives. This essay will try to discuss this issue.

Modern technology is growing tremendously. One factor influenced by it is electronical communication. Email and social media are the example of it. people all over the world contact one another easily and swiftly. But this situation lead to people happiness?

Happines is difficult to define. People have different views towards this issue. Some people measure happiness by their success either in job, study or private life. others, relate it to the wealth. Whether electrical communication has increased people’s feelings or not is still debatable.

People who are applying for a job or scholarship use email to send some documents. It is more effective than sending them by post which will take few days. Digital communication is also allow all of us to network with people all over the world which sounds impossible in the past. In the past we can only meeting people face to face. But now, we can communicate verbally (through telephone or video call) and sending message instantly. These scenarios make people stay in touch with others. Family who live in a different countries use social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep update. These social media have more interesting features which make communication effective and interactive.

Definitely those situations above make long distance relationship handy . But what if it happens with people who stay close with us, friends or family for instance? When you sit with your friend, but your friends are more interested in their gadgets, you will feel isolated. This situation pictusque that electronic information age make people isolated and uncomfortable

In conclusion, although it ight seem that technology connected peoply easily, yet it doesn’t make people happier. People should aware that the quality of relationship is unrelated to modern technology which is actually a mere tool.

Karya : Irma Rahmatiana