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Sharing Information in Global Era

Sharing information in globalisation era is inevitable. Every single individu or institution is trying to search or download some sources of information to support their study or their job. Some people believe that sharing information freely either scientific, business or academic research is beneficial. On the other hand, some people believe that the research on business or academic is worth to keep.

Intellectual property is one of the issue that makes such information is too valuable to share publicly. Intellectual property is protected by law. The intellectual property which consist of copyright, patent, trademark or industrial designs is impossible to share. The intellectual property refers to someone’s creation of mind which takes a long journey of research and experiments, therefore it is deserve to be protected by law and not to share it freely. Once someone copy or imitate it, it will deal with sets of particular law.

In contrast to intellectual property issue, sharing information in democration era is beneficial since it will help not only researchers but also the respondence. Respondence which are vary in terms of age, study, bacjground or social background will contribute towards critics, advice or suggestion to make the product or invention better. On the other hand, respondence will also get benefit since thay can use this free sources to support their study or business. For example, the research on space journal will benefit to science students. If the scientist or the institution share the information towards their research, it will support the development of science and technology.

In conclusion, sharing information freely for public is both valuable and restricted. It is valuable since it will give benefit to others. In addition, sharing information in democratics era is worth since everybody has a right to be updated with current issue. On the other hand, intellectual property is one of the significant issue why sharing information freely is restricted.

Karya : Irma Rahmatiana