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Youth VS Senior

At present, the growing number of young people around the globe is increasing higher compared to the number of senior citizens. However, this trend is leading to positive development.

The main reason why young population could offer more potential benefits is because they have good health and fitness. Possessing these two qualities enable youngsters to work at their peak hour and longer working hour. In addition, young people has bright new ideas in order to support their creativity. Furthermore, the combination of both physical health and creativity will boost economic growth in the long run. Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Bring are two figures reprents this generation. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, connected people all over the world while Sergey Bring is the eminent personality in the domain of information technology namely Google. Google is a search engine which allows people in searching particular information, learning something new and even finding a necessary location.

However, despite the above-mentioned benefits, the higher number of young population leads to some drawbacks as well. Firstly, the more higher young population, the more competitive to find a job will be. Companies will put a high standard of qualification in order to recruit their employees. Therefore, the young generation should compete competitively in their performance. Secondly, government should invest seriously in two vital aspects, education and health care. Government should make sure that the young generation has the access to have the best education and health care service.

In conclusion, while certain disadvantages could be identified, I personally believe that the advantages brought from a higher proportion of young people to a country vastly outweigh.

Karya : Irma Rahmatiana