The Importance of Language

Irma Rahmatiana
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dipublikasikan 08 Juli 2017
The Importance of Language

People have different views about the disaaperance of some languages each year. While some people argue that it is not significant. I believe that languages should be protected and preserved based on two strong reasons.

Firstly, language has an important connection with the cultural identity of the people who speak it. If a language dies out, a whole way of life in that area will disapper as well. As a result, we will lose the rich of cultural diversity which makes societies more interesting. For instance, as an archipelago country, Indonesia is diverse in terms of cultures which includes folk songs, folk dances, folktales and mother tongue. Each region has its own language, even in one region we can find more than one dialects. We can easily recognise where someone is from by the way they speak. It shows how strong language influence people’s identity.  

Secondly, by preserving and protecting a language we will nurture the new generation to respect their heritage. In addition, the new generation will learn the history of their ancestor through their language. In this case, government and society have a responsibility to preserve the language by using it in daily life. It is important to use the native language, although we live in modern era recently. In West Java, the local government has a programme namely “Rabu Nyunda” (speaking Sundanese on Wednesdays). It means once in a week they will communicate using Sundanese, the native language of West Java.

In conclusion, despite the consideration of some people that languages disappearance is not important, I insisted that missing languages will have negative impact on cultural heritage.

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