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Why both parents need to work?

In this modern era, more and more families find that it is essential for both parents to work. On the other hand, some people believe that children who are raised in this kind of families will have less parents attention. I disagree that children will lose parents’ support if their parents work.

First of all, parents should work to fullfill children’s basic needs such as clothes, food and education. In this competitive era, that will be difficult if only a father earns money to fullfill the daily needs because both parents should be responsible to give the best for their children. For example, the cost of education is getting increased year by year. If parents do not prepare or save some money, they cannot take their children to have the best education. Secondly, parents should consider to keep their children healthy as well. Some parents keep their family healthy by providing healthy food and do regular check up. For sure these two treatments need sufficient money, that is why parents should be ready for it. Lastly, keeping healthy is not enough in this modern era. People should be happy too. One of many ways to be happy is by doing travelling. If they have regular income from their salary that would be easier for them to save some money for travelling.

Children who left by their parents to work will have some benefits. Firstly, children will grow more independent. Children will learn how to be more independent when thay are given responsibility by their parents. They are able to manage their time without any command from elders. For example, since I was primary school I am getting use to do household chores such as washing clothes, cleaning the house and preparing all my stuff by myself. Secondly, children will be more confident to do something in their life. For instance, if they have school project they will try to complete it by their own. They will not ask or wait to be helped by their parents. Thirdly, they will be more mature than other children. By getting use to do the household chores and prepare everything by themselves, unconciously children will be aware of their responsibilities.

In conclusion, there is not any problem for both parents to work since children learn many things which is great to shape their attitides.

Karya : Irma Rahmatiana