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Food Farming vs Factory Farming

Local farmers have trusted for years in producing best quality of food such as vegetables and fruits. Nowadays, factory farming is developing to fullfill demand of food production. To me, I agree that it is better to consume food produced by local farmers rather than factory farming.

Firstly, buying farming products from small farmers support farmers life. Most farmers depend their live based on their land, even some farmers do not have their own land. For those whodo not have their land they must rent or they share the provit with the land’s owner. Secondly, consuming local products means supporting the economic growth. Indonesia government currently support the growth of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) products which are include farming products. SME supports creative and innovative farmers who are able to provide sufficient demand for customer not only in terms of food’s quantity but also food’s quality. Thirdly, eating food from small farmers is healthier and easier since we can get the products directly from the farmers and the products do not keep for ages to customer’s hands.

I disagree with factory farmers due to some reasons. Firstly, it takes ages for customer to get the fresh products, specially for the import one. Import’s fruits or vegetables take months transported from one country to another country. Secondly, because a long transport, the price of the products is more expensive than local products. Shipping goods from one country to another country is not only takes time but also costly. That is why import’s products charge differently from the local one. Lastly, factory farming is less fresh and less nutrient compared to local farming. Once it was happened a variety of apple banned by Health Ministry of Indonesia since it is harmful.

To summarise, though factory farming is exist, there is stronger argument for choosing local farming.

Karya : Irma Rahmatiana