Buddha and Me

Irma Rahmatiana
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Buddha and Me

Buddha and me

Throughout my bedroom window, I saw a beautiful full moon last night. On the other side of Indonesia, at Borobudur Temple Magelang-Central Java, thousand of people were gather together under the full moon to celebrate The Vesak Day, Buddha's Day of Enlightenment. My mind was suddenly flying to the memories which I experienced was about three years ago.

When I stopped over at Colombo Stop Over Counter in Bandaranaike-Colombo, I was stunned by a big Buddha statue at the center of the airport. Staying over for a night in Colombo was relaxing me after a long journey leaving my home country. I enjoy Colombo at night. The streets are full with the dim light. Where ever I walked I saw some small temples with Buddha statues both in small or big sizes. The next day, a friendly van driver explained us happily about those temples. Yes I've seen this kind of temple but Buddha's statues everywhere was such a rare view in my country. At that time, I wouldn't have thought that I will learn a lot about Buddha's point of view towards love, life and compassion.

It was India who brought me getting closer to Buddha. Once I attended a meditation class in Dharamkot, one kilometer away from Dharamshala. I was thinking that we will be leading by a Buddhist monk, surprisingly, it was led by a handsome, Caucasian man. He wore a blue stripes shirt and blue jeans with bald hair and eye glasses. We gathered together in one room where many tiny gold Buddha's with us. The room was so quiet and peaceful. We really enjoy the meditation under the man instructions. At the end of the meditation, he gave us a short lecture. For him, Buddha is not a matter of religion, but it is also a way of life, a point of view towards life.

Knowing that meditation brings a peaceful mind, I then (again) attend this class in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is well known as World Yoga Center. People all over the world come to Rishikesh to learn yoga. In some ashram they offer both yoga and meditation classes and I choose the last one. Here a young Nepalese taught us more about meditation. Well said McLeodGandj, Dharamshala and Rishikesh had taken me to get more closer and closer to Buddha, and finally Ladakh, taught me the real lesson of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Spending three weeks for the summer holiday in July 2013, volunteering as English teacher and keep in touch with the local people and see how Muslim and Buddhist stay together harmoniously was a precious lesson of my life. I should say that not all the days we have in our life is perfect. Sometimes we were devastating, we angry more often, hate people and many bad feelings we have.

Once His Holiness The Dalai Lama 14th asked a monk,

"What was the most thing you were afraid of when China kidnapped and put you in prison?".

Calmly, the monk answer,

"I'm afraid I couldn't forgive them".

As a human being, as a normal person (I) have that kind of feeling too. In Ladakh, I have a chance to see how two Geshe run a Buddhist school and nurturing the young generations so they won't left behind. They welcomed me heartily.

I read two precious books in a library written by His Holiness and watched series of his lectures through the DVDs. It was like a remedy! All the things happened in Ladakh was like the real action of Buddha, love, forgiveness and compassion.

“Compassion is something like a sense of caring, a sense of concern for others difficulties and pain,not only family and friends,but all other people,enemies also” (H.H The 14th Dalai Lama)



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