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Rate of Depression

Rates of Depression

“I don’t want to raise my grandson and my granddaughter at home. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life sitting and bluffing with my neighbor for unnecerary things. I want to keep on teaching, giving lecture to my students and see them in their graduation day”.

I still remember who gave this statement. Yes, she is the Dean of my faculty. At the age of probably almost eighty, her performance is still outstanding. She keeps busy attending some conferences both local and international, writing a journal and presenting the the material in the class without any absence. She’s happy and did not object to working at her age.

I’m sure she is not the only one who appear to be happy continue working into old age while others are probably cared by nursing homes and stay apart from their families. Don’t you know that being active in your golden age may lower rates of your depression?

Recent survey captured by World Bank highlights rates of depression by gender in four countries: China, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea. According to the survey, South Korea has the highest rate of depression for men, while for women the highest rate of deppression reach at the age of 60 in China. Lower rates of depression than South Korea and China, Japan is in the third number of this survey for both men and women. Surprisingly, the rate of depression in Indonesia remains low among the four countries.     

High suicide rates is increasing sharply in South Korea and Japan among elderly people. Feeling loss, loneliness and lack of social support are the main reasons due to this actions. In contrast, raising children is the source of happines for Indonesia citizens. They will be much more happier if they can raise educated children. These educated children mostly sized in a small family.

Hmmm, no wonder Bandung’s mayor, Mr. Ridwan Kamil often ask: #Kamu Kapan (Nikah)?  (When You're gonna get Married). In fact, this is one of the source of happiness.

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