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Moral Status VS Old Fashion Values

Social Status VS Old fashion values

Social status and personal belongings have become a measurement to judge a person in recent times. On the other hand, moral values such as honour, kindness and trust are considered less important nowadays.

Moral values unlike personal belonging can only define someone’s personality. Personal belongings and social status such as expensive cars, prestigious mansions or luxury items cannot be used to judge someone’s personality. Often we see from on or the newspaper or television some politicians or celebrities with high social status are involved in crime/white collar crime such as corruption, prostitution or other illegal acts just to fullfill their desire to posses expensive things.

Moral values, however, are more essential than personnal possesion or social status because moral values reflects someone personality. Although these values are considered out of date, yet I do believe some people still practice them in daily life. For example, a businessman who is looking for a business partner often put trust and honesty as the main capital. Another relationship such as frienship and marriage always put trust, kindness and honesty as the foundation to shape a strong relationship.

In addition, moral values are a toll for someone to achieve succes in life. Someone who maintains these values and put them as life guidance  has been proven to achieve success in their life. For instance, Bob Sadino, one of Indonesian entrepeneurs who succeded to build a retail chain. In one of his books, he revealed one element to achieve his success, a trust from customers. After getting trust from customer, he keeps on maintaining it, until his business grows up bigger and bigger. Another example is my relationship with my best friend. We are succeding maintain our relationship. We have been friend since the first day we met at the university. She is a kind, modest and always stays beside me in a good and times.

To conclude, moral values are more essential than social status since they teach us great things such as reflecting some personality and a tool for someone to achieve success.



Karya : Irma Rahmatiana