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Why Learning a Foreign Language is Important?

Why learning a foreign language is important?

People have different views about the reason of learning a foreign language. While some argue that learning a foreign language is useful for travelling and working overseas. I believe that there are more reasons why everyone should learn a foreign language.

Firstly, many people who study foreign language are going abroad and working in a foreign company. When someone masters a foreign language, the chance to work abroad increases. They have more career options with higher salary. Secondly, proficiency in foreign language allow someone to move up their careers faster. Proficiency in a foreign language is essential in a globalised world. Someone who has language skills will get a promotion easily. Secondly, travelling to a place when someone knows the language is easier and enjoyable. According to my experience, knowing basic/daily conversation of a foreign language is beneficial. For instance, when you go shopping, you can read special offers, bergain and get a good price.

I believe that mastering foreign language gives us many additional advantages. First of all, a language is much more than simply a means of communication. It has a vital connection with culture. When someone has mastered a foreign language, they gain a better understanding of culture. For example, when I studied English Literature, I learnt a lot about British history and it enriched my knowledge towards history of Britain. Secondly, those are who interested in language can pursue to study linguistics in depth. Linguistics is not the scientific study of language but also behaviour/attitude towards language. Thirdly, those who are teachers can develop their career as language teacher or create their own language center. It is not a secret that a language school is needed at every level of education. Thus it will keep on growing as globalisation spreads.

In conclusion, although foreign language is needed for working and travelling, I personally believe that there are more reasons for learning foreign language such as understanding culture, create job opportunities as language experts, translators and career advancement.


Karya : Irma Rahmatiana