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Kategori Catatan Harian 29 Maret 2016   20:17 WIB

Don?t get me wrong. I?m happy with my life, thank GOD.

Some people would think i?m desperate with a single life, under-payment job and a unperfect family, who have it anyway?? But, guess what? I?m happy! Of course some people have let me down, but i?m here again stand up for my own life, on my own foot, as strong as the mountain, as shine as the sun, as bright as the stars. What else i?m going to be upset for?! God give me a lot?mostly i forgot to thank for?take it for granted. I have wonderful family, yes its not a perfect one, but my life still there. I still have enough love from both of my parents, I have wonderful brother, and miracolous friends around me. How could i ask more than this?

I love my life, with friends always around send happiness and surprises me with every little thing they have. I have family that always stood by me, loving me with their own beautiful way. And a job, i love what i do and i do what i love. I met those wonderful children everyday, give such a beautiful surprise every moment. I won?t be such hypocrite if i?m telling you i don?t need money, i do. But fortunately, it?s always right there. I always get enough of it.

All i want to have is a good life, do what i love to do, travel enough to see new experiences. I just want to widen up my view, my perspective to see things in different ways, and all i want to see is a bright color. i love the phrase ?every cloud has a silver lining?, that is what i?m trying to see everyday, i won?t make things difficult even it is, i won?t make people feel bad about me, i want everyone see me as a light, someone who always bring joys to their life, add some happines in their memories.

Some will say i?m too busy helping people, cheering others, and forget my own life, but they?re not always right. That is they way i enrich my own life, seeing people happy will make me a lot more happier. Of course i feel tired sometimes, people get it wrong for what i did, they judge, they make their own thougts and it?s scary me. I do have time for myself, i love rolaxing with music, books, films, i travel to new places, meet new people, share new things. I have a great life. I am happy.

Karya : Indah Suryani