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Secularism as a separation between religion and human?s life is not necessary in Islam. Islam controls every part in human?s life which made religion always included in life. The worship between Muslims and God is well ordered, the rules towards state and other social life was also organized. As an example, Islam ordered the Muslims to pray, fast and worship to God. On the other side, Islam also organized the political system of a state, such as in economy, politic and law aspects. It showed that Islam has organized every part in human?s life and it could not be separated.

However, Islam before has a great history with the implementation of Islam law in a state. Turkey was one of the examples that gave a big history of Islam victory in the era of Ottoman caliph with the ruler, Sultan Hamid II. The system in the state was merged by religion which is Islam. Victory happened for several centuries until it finally collapsed in 1924. It happened because the people in the state, which before was in the order of Islam and Islamic environment, changed according to the power of world?s life, such as greedy, hedonist and jealousy.

After the fall of Ottoman caliph, the regime of Turkey in secularism begins. Turkey with the caliph system before changed into secular by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He tried to change the system by making some regulations such as erasing the Sharia system in the Government, changing the Islamic law with Italia, Germany and Swiss law, closing some Mosques, transforming state?s religion into secularism, Adan by Arabic became Turkish, prohibiting hijab for women and introducing western culture to change Islamic culture before.
This was the dark age of Turkey in secularism besides Islam as the base of the state before. Mustafa Kemal presented Turkey in his administration as anti-Islam. He tried to navigate Turkey to the western culture which was far from Islamic culture before. It made many pros and cons between the people and made conflicts. Turkey with the majority of people is Muslims were pressured because of this policy. Muslims could not express their religion freely as before, all places in order to religion were banned because of this policy.

Afterward, the regime of Kemal Pasha ended and replaced by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister from the Democratic Party. He wants to make a reformation for Turkey from the secular state by Kemal Pasha becomes a democratic state. Erdogan pulled out the prohibition of hijab for women as the way to normalize Turkey from secularism. He tried to implement the ideology of Islam to the political system as before, by erasing some policy that banned Muslims to express their beliefs, such as worship in the Mosque, hijab for muslimah and growing beard for Muslims.
In the policy of state, Erdogan used the background of human rights besides Islam. The freedom to use hijab inside the parliament and school was the rights of women to have. Erdogan also made a policy in putting high tax to cigarettes and alcohol, in order to prevent people and underage children to buy these goods easily. Even though, the policy was made by the Government, the base of it is Islam that harmed cigarettes and alcohol for the followers.

By this explanation, secularism in Islam could happen but could not be separated in the application. Even though some regulations were made to separate religion and politics in the state, but in application, human needs religion to fulfill their spiritual as the relationship between human and God. Islam as a religion, besides fulfilling the spiritual needs, it also have the regulations in order to control the followers in daily life, which made the followers could be balance in life.
Advantages of Secularism
A state who implements secularism as the system has some advantages in the application of it towards the people and state.
a. Prosperity is the main reason of a state that chooses secularism as their system. A secular state will explore more in building prosperity without the limitations that religion made. In creating prosperity, the people could do anything that religion may prohibit it.
b. In creativity, the people could express more in making creation without following the religion.
c. In the aspect of freedom, people in the secular state could do any actions since it is not against the law, even it is prohibited in religion.
d. The last advantage that could happen in a secular state is in increasing the economic aspect. Economy could be increased by any ways in order to create prosperity.

Disadvantages of secularism

Besides the advantages of secularism, there are also the disadvantages or effects that could happen towards the people in the state.
a. Damage of morality in the people because of their perspective that religion was only in the places of worship, such as in the church or mosque, outside of those places, there will be no rule of religion.
b. Born the people in the perspective of world?s interests and materials. They will make world as the standard of someone?s success.
c. Secularism will also make human ignore the existence of God and religion as their spiritual needs. It will make human thought that only them that could control the state without God?s help

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