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Mulan (Disney Film)


One of the Disney movie that is not outdated and can continue to watch fill family vacation is "Mulan" was filmed in trademark Disney heroine. Although issued in 1998 animated film is still interesting story against the backdrop of war watched in china. Mulan who wants to prove to herself that he is not just an ordinary woman who then stuck replacing his father's position in the face of Chinese rebels.

To qualify values in film studies I analyze about representative of women and men in the film Mulan in the 2nd scene, when she was betrothed and when practicing in camp.

Begins when Mulan parents goes to a dating agency to find a husband for Mulan. Supported by  music getting louder when Mulan goes to Matchmaker although a bit late. In medium long shot when Mulan arrive directly forced bathing so that clean and fragrant, giving the impression that the girl is ready to get married should always look beautiful. Special items the woman who supports the beauty displayed in a scene as fans, umbrellas, combs and jewellery. Not a sword or horse should be ridden. Women should look graceful and softly when walking and talking.

Costume support characters, when Mulan must come across as mature women besides look beautiful. His clothes are colored dress blue and pink blend that characterizes women as well as a red lipstick in extreme close up is displayed to show user it.

Based on the text of the women at the times Mulan when fully grown should be married. Since getting married means continued the lineage and became the honor in the family. Married not just look beautiful and refreshing eye alone, for the husband and family of women should be able to serve her husband well.

When she arrived in front of the home of matchmaker, at the time of the name Mulan is called matchmaker prohibits Mulan answered because women are valued less polite if a lot of the talk and answer questions without being asked.

Mulan managed to answer basic questions about the main task of a woman when already married but did not managed to pour the tea properly. In a medium shot is shown of Mulan looks panic and get nervous while pouring tea. The bee that called cri-to into the glass and clothes belonging to the matchmaker. Women not far from nature are essentially fully responsible in the kitchen, a well and a mattress. Described in the session the need to pour properly.

Failure of Mulan in the matchmaking become her parents disappointed and of course the matchmaker was furious. At the time, when the angry face matchmaker close up look of sadness mulan's eyes and face, accompanied by wind and the music that originally cheerful be wistful supports acceptance of Mulan.

Different thing the man who described strong and able to protect the family honor by fighting. At the moment there is a mandate for war, father of Mulan with the dashing off his stick and took command of the Emperor Counselor. As if it didn't take his stick again, father of Mulan wants to prove that she can be relied on not only protects the family but also to protect his country.

The camera displays the scene practice where men clearly visible masculinity side, the body of a strapping, tall, big, athletic and energy. Started by the time practice session first took an arrow on tree peak trunks. At the time who took an arrow to suitable target illustrate men who had a high concentration.

Next extreme long shot is displayed when a soldier asked took the arrow on the tree trunk. High angle visible shows the high target and from the side it looks the breadth of the area of the camp and place of practice, the severity of the challenge of this exercise showed is not playing in the face of war. All soldiers should be prepared, not only just as good physically but must be supported by an optimal workout.

Music direct in rehearsal sounded high sounding and enthusiasm. Bring a strong atmosphere in training. Supported with archery, stick, carrying loads across the mountains and jump in the fire and water give the elements of men who are not afraid of danger and never give up. Costumes by the time dark exercise tends to soft the figure shows the man power and mysterious.

Closed with a sunset background red burning, in any long shot shows all the soldiers who are eager to swing the stick to preparing to fight. Loud sound that showed courage and invincibility in this scene.

Finally, in all the scene setting, music and costume character support in conveying messages and emotions on the audience. Not just hang on to one's feelings but moved. From sad to directly jump excited. The merger of the main idea in two of this scene could be interpreted based on the text in the film that she not only wanted to be a woman's suit his nature but also like to boast of his parents with what can be done though it is dangerous to himself or herself.

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