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Endless Love

The lovely Rasulullah’s daughter, Fathimah Azzahra, felt in love with a man, namely Ali Bin Abi Thalib. If she met the man, she could keep her sight and her attitude naturally. She could keep her feeling securely. Therefore, the devils didn’t know her feeling.

Actually, Ali had same feeling to Fathimah. He also felt in love with Fathimah, but because he could keep his feeling, the devils didn’t know it. Therefore, Both Ali and Fathimah were kept by Allah from the devils to do bad things.

When Fathimah was 18 years old, there were some kind men who wanted to propose Fathimah to Rasulullah saw, such as Abu Bakar and Umar Bin Khattab. Although, they were so rich, kind, and obey to Allah swt, Rasulullah didn’t give Fathimah to both of them. Rasulullah rejected them as Fathimah’s husband.

One day, Ali came to Rasulullah saw to propose Fathimah. Then, Rasulullah saw said to Ali, “Welcome, Ali.” Ali got confuse because he didn’t understand what Rasulullah meant. After that, Ali went home. His friends had waited for him to know the news: Accepted or rejected by Rasulullah saw.

His friends aksed Ali, “How about your proposal, Ali? Did Rasulullah accept you to be her husband?”

Ali answered, “No, guys..” Rasulullah just said to me ‘Welcome, Ali’.

His friends laughed and said, “Ali, you are so stupid. It means that Rasulullah accepts you to be Fathimah’s husband.”

Finally, Ali and Fathimah got married. They were given two children by Allah. Their names are Hasan and Husain. They live happily until heaven. .

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