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Why Bali Island So Famous?

          As we know, Bali is very famous in the world, even most people in all parts of the world better known Bali than the name of Indonesia itself. Many reasons make Bali as one of the best destinations in Indonesia. Bali is an island with simplicity but full of beautiful surprises. Every corner of Bali is captivating, its beaches imply peace, many challenging climbing locations, delightful inhabitants, culinary from around the world at cheap prices. Bali is like a complete holiday package for everyone. For that reason, many foreigners do not want to lift their feet out of Indonesia because falling in love with Bali.

          There are many things you should do while you are on a vacation in Bali. The first is watching the sunset. You really will regret if you do not watch the sunset at least once in Bali. Although it looks the same as else, in reality the sky in Bali is different. The orange color of its orange sky mixed with the bluish sea color is an unforgettable sight. Sometimes the sky in Bali at sunset can also look reddish. Next thing you should do is visiting “Pura”. The majority of Balinese people are Hindu With such a percentage, almost every location we are easy to find Temple. Some temples in Bali are often used as a tourist attraction, in addition to places of worship of Balinese Hindus, of course. Thousands of temples fill the mainland of Bali and each building has a distinctive character. Pura is a sacred place, holy, and glorified by Balinese Hindus. Pura is like the second home for Balinese people after their own home, so they will flock to the temple when the holy moments arrive. So wise enough when we are in Bali to take the time to visit the temple to know the customs in religious rituals. There are about 10 more temples that became a destination to be visited.

         The next thing to do is soak in Hot Springs. In Bali, there are several hot springs that deserve to be visited. Because in addition to the pleasure to soak in hot springs, we can enjoy the beautiful environment. Beautiful scenery around the warm water. And then, you should try diving and snorkeling for those nature lovers, especially the underwater world, when visiting Bali becomes a must for diving and snorkeling. Bali has the most famous diving spots, with gorgeous coral reefs and a variety of fish that are fun to behold or immortalized in the camera. And as the main thing before comes to Bali you must book accommodation, we are sure you can just googling and you will find it in a minute. But if you looking for luxury 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak  with serenity we proudly offer you our Freedom Villa and you can see our villa in the website as your reference. 

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