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The Beauty Of Seminyak Beach

          Seminyak Beach or Dhyanapura Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali that you must visit while on vacation in Bali. The beach is located in the area of the Seminyak, Kuta District, Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia. This beach has beautiful and exotic scenery with white sand, sloping beach contours and crystal clear water. Besides having beautiful scenery, The Beach has also been equipped with international standard facilities such as restaurants, hotels, villas, bars and coffee shops. Seminyak beach is perfect for enjoying the beauty of the sunset because the beach atmosphere is quieter than Kuta Beach and Legian. For those who want to find a complete beauty, this beach is highly recommended.

          The beauty potential of Seminyak beach becomes the main attraction for tourists to visit it. The area around Seminyak Beach was originally an agrarian village. Although the location is near the beach, the majority of the population work as farmers. But the rapid development of tourism and increasing tourist arrivals to Bali, especially the area of Kuta and Legian, give a big influence on the area of Seminyak as well. Finally, the area of Seminyak has also improved itself. Seminyak beach itself is a coastline with Kuta and Legian, so the character is almost the same, it has a white and sloping sand, the waves are also large enough and suitable for surfing, to swim or just relax, enjoy the sunset or even as a recreational fishing ground. The nuance of nature that is served here is presenting a beauty, the beach is clean and well ordered, some residents also provide beach umbrellas for a place to relax all day to avoid the hot sun.

          Travelers also prefer Seminyak Beach because it has many more privacy lodges, shopping spots offering unique items, luxury spa treatments and international standard restaurants. You can easily find classy restaurants, nightclubs, tour information centers, car and motorbike rentals, and boutiques as well as shopping centers for shopping. So all your needs can be fulfilled during a vacation. Even many people choose this region as their place of residence. There is also a beach bar serving cocktails. Restaurant and club which is quite famous in the coastal area of Seminyak are Gado-Gado, Laluciola, Kudeta and Potato Head. In addition, Seminyak Beach area is also famous for the number of luxury private villa for rent with a variety of luxury facilities on offer. And as one of private luxury 5 bedroom villa in Seminyak, our Freedom Villa will be the best choice for you during your lovely vacation.  

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