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Craving For A More Private Vacation? Freedom Villa Is A Great Choice!

          As an international tourist destination, of course Bali has an all the best Villas Looking for Villas in Bali right now is very easy. Daily, weekly and even monthly bookings are available. For some people who are not too familiar with Bali may only target the hotel as a place to stay. But now the villa has also become another option for a  place to stay on your vacation in Bali.

        Villas give you more privacy and that's why people are willing to pay more than if they stay in hotels. Villas are built with a concept of a house in general. There is no star standard on the villa. Each villa has its own uniqueness and characteristic features. Villas in Bali really sell the uniqueness of indoor and outdoor design. The guests are intentionally united with nature to enjoy the natural air. Therefore each villa competes to be the most unique, the weirdest, and the most special. Special themes are also applied almost in all the famous villas. For example the theme of Asian architecture, rural, minimalist, etc.

       Unlike the hotel, because the concept of the villa is a concept of residence then the entire facility is only intended for villa guests. No guests from other villas can use the facilities. The number of facilities available also depends on the size of the villa. Not much different from the hotel, the service at the villa is equally great. It's just that in general the villa does not have a receptionist. This is because the concept of a villa that adapts the atmosphere of the house. Staff or managers usually have hours from morning to evening. However, if guests need urgent assistance, the manager or villa staff can be contacted at any time. If the hotel provides chef services to the public, the chefs in the villa are reserved for group stay guests only. The advantage is that guests can order the menu by request.

       Freedom Villa Bali atmosphere brought the guests closer to the feeling of being at home. With a living room, kitchen and private dining table, the villa present an intimate atmosphere like home. Staying in the villa is more suitable for small grouped members. For example on vacation with family or close friends. In other words, villas are a perfect choice for those who want a more private vacation.

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