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Beach Exoticism In The Area Of Seminyak

          Talking about the beach, who does not like it? the beach is many people's favorite place for vacation. Most people choose the mountain and beach as a holiday place to calm their tired or stressful minds due to daily activities. But unlike mountains, the beauty of the beach can be enjoyed without the need to spend much physical energy. The mountain does offer a cool, fresh air and beauty at its peak, but the beach also has its own elegance. The sound of the waves, the breeze, the beauty of the rising sun or the sunset, the warm feeling as the feet touch the grains of sand, the blue of the sky and the ocean, all that beauty united into an artistic elegance that spoils our eyes and soul.

          Seminyak is one of the famous tourist areas in Bali. Seminyak has famous beaches that are not less exotic than the beaches in other tourist areas such as Kuta or Nusa Dua. Seminyak Beach, for example, has a beautiful white sand and quieter than the other beaches in Legian. This beach has a very soft sand. The other beach is Echo Beach. Echo Beach is located on the reef but on the beach side, there is a sloping sand. This beach is right next to Canggu Beach. Echo Beach is perfect for those who are making love or newlyweds because of the atmosphere is very peaceful and quiet. Privacy is really awake because apparently there are not too many tourists who came to this location. Those who come here usually spend the day with activities such as sunbathing, swimming or surfing while waiting and enjoy the beautiful sunset in the afternoon.

          The beach that is not less interesting is Petitenget Beach. This beach has a very enchanting beauty. Petitenget Beach has exotic white sand with a high quantity of sunshine throughout the day making it perfect for those of you who want to sunbathe. This beach has great waves making it suitable for surfing. The atmosphere at Petitenget Beach is also very peaceful. Then the other beach is Double Six Beach located on the north coast of Kuta and is actually a continuation of Kuta beach itself. Double Six Beach has a black sand than Kuta Beach but at sunset is also just as beautiful as Kuta Beach. Many umbrellas and chairs are rented for sunbathing there.

          Freedom Villa Bali is a luxurious villa in Seminyak, Bali. The beaches above are just a few hundred meters from this villa so it becomes a place that is perfect for those of you who want to feel the exoticism of the beaches above.

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