Your Peace Face

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Your Peace Face

Your Peace Face

The clouds floating on in the dark background

The white circle just brightening without any single words.

I do remember that warm

when you asleep in my arm,

Isaw your innocent lovely face seems say something

then, I touch you gently

wrap the fur blanket into your body.

I did kiss your forhead, never imagine that will be the last kiss.


I opened the window then the sunrise lightening your face

I wondering why?!

your face seems peace and quiet.

I grab your body on the bed, hug you tightly 

then, I realized my tears has fallen. Baby you leave me forever.


Now I close my eyes, to see yo here in this solitary night.

The sky wanna fall to cover your perfect body,

he knows that I can't cover yours with that fur blanket forever,

or warm your body with my hug.

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