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I couldn`t ask for more, mom.

Do you know, I really want say thank you for  this distance.  One of the reason for that is makes my relationship with my mother become better and better day by day. 

Before, as the oldest child, I am always trying to hold on everything that I am feeling by my self.  I will only tell the happy news for her, because i really know what kinds of work that she already did for us. On that time, I am only  think that this is one thing that I can do to  help my mom. Sometimes, I want to be likes the other friend who can tell everything with their mom, about love, about their broken heart, about everything. But, seems like I already accustomed with this way and feelings so shy to start a new way.  I am laughing if I remember  this. Really.

But now, after the distance happened between us. Everything was changed. This distance, teach me how to be a really daughter into her mother, and the good thing for this is my mom also give a good feedback. She ask me more often then before, she  become a good listener to me, and all the good things about mother into  daughter happen to us. All of that things are out of my expectation. And  I am thankful for all of these times, because after that I know which way will be the exact way to help her. 

It doesn`t mean before I never happy with our relationship, but todays is really happier then before. I am confused cant express my feeling with words, but if Ican express it I will said that I really love my mom. In the name of Allah.  Having you in my life is a grace. Thank you for guide me to be the person who I am today. A person who always remind me about thankful, who always give me a best suggestion, who never said that my decision in life was wrong, and also the person who never teach me to hate someone eventhough they are hurt me. How I adore your heart, mom. Your love is like a sunshine to me.

Nb: Pardon my english, friends. This post is one of my way to express what I am feeling right now after several things that happened in my life recently and I am so grateful to have a such wonder mom by my self. 

Thank you for reading. 


Karya : Farrah Hanum